David Kapp: West/East – Los Angeles/New York

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Canal Street Early Morning, 2005-2009 Oil On Paper 20 X 19 In. © Courtesy of the artist and Zane Bennett Contemporary Art
Harlem Elevated, 2012 Oil On Linen 78 X 96 Inches © Courtesy of the artist and Zane Bennett Contemporary Art
David Kapp: West/East – Los Angeles/New York

435 S Guadalupe
Santa Fe, NM 87501
October 26th, 2012 - November 23rd, 2012
Opening: October 26th, 2012 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Guadalupe, Railyard
Tue-Sat 10-5 or by appointment.


Zane Bennett Contemporary Art is pleased to announce shows by two featured artists, West/East – Los Angeles/New York, an exhibit of David Kapp’s paintings and Joshua D’s Wall and Recent Works, glass sculpture by Michael Petry. The opening is at the gallery, 435 South Guadalupe Street, across from the rail station, from 5:00‐7:00 pm to coincide with the Railyard Arts District Last Friday Art Walk.

The worlds of New York and Los Angeles are seemingly very different from each other, and yet, in David Kapp’s paintings, both worlds shimmer with buildings and cars, bicycles and pedestrians, all moving in a vibrant juxtaposition of color. Kapp paints an illusion of experience; his paintings are representational and graphic with the primary focus being a description of movement though space. In today’s world, so much of life is organized by our car culture. City streets are still populated by pedestrians and cyclists, but it is the car that determines the structure and design of many of today’s cities. Kapp paints pedestrians, trains and the automotive ribbons of energy; it is this pictorial movement through space that expresses the pulse of life in the City.

The paintings can be seen as portraits of our time particularly because of our fascination with the car culture. Kapp records a moment in the rush of the city and creates the feeling of speed with the velocity of his brushstrokes. It’s as if he draws us into a chaotic world and makes order of it by suspending the ceaseless activity of commerce and urban life. Cars and buildings become abstract marks of color on a distant plane making us wonder what processional we are witnessing. Whether it is the exodus of the commuters at the end of the day or the randomness of a pedestrian crossing, Kapp captures the energy of life in New York and Los Angeles with a simplicity that allows us to participate in the dynamics of urban complexity.