Spectrum Vision

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Celluloid © Alex Arcadia and BrightShinyFuture
Spectrum Vision

28 Frost Street
Williamsburg 11211
June 3rd, 2012 - June 30th, 2012
Opening: June 3rd, 2012 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Thu-Sun 2-7 and by appointment to
video-art, sculpture


AD Projects is proud to present Spectrum Vision, an exhibition of young visionaries. The seven artists in Spectrum Vision are unified by separate, singular conceptions of the world as it might have been, as it could be now, and as it may become. They are not simply of our time; they are beyond it.

Painter, sculptor and conceptualist Alex Arcadia re-imagines the essence of power and image through invention.  Operating under the designation BRIGHTSHINYFUTURE, Alex has devised a system of interplaying signs and relics to create a futuristic mythology linked to a self-titled cosmology, known as Arcadia. Arcadia encompasses both history and fantasy, addressing themes of propagandistic logic, nation building, commercial enterprise, commodity culture, collectivity and individuality. Alex’s SuperGymnast, an erotically charged voluptuous goddess and recurring central figure in his work, will be on display.

Over the last ten years, Jeffrey Beebe has created a large cast of recurring characters in his drawings, collectively titled Adventures in Refractoria.  Such figures as Greencandle the Archmage, Phacops Attaboise, and wild Uncles populate Refractoria, an imagino-ordinary world which parallels the artist’s personal history.  Jeffrey drops these characters into various scenarios and records their reactions, such that Refractoria has developed a rich history and complicated social structure.  Large drawings such as The Copper Palanquin and Celestial Map of Western Refractoria display the complicated geographical schemata and social machinations of Refractoria.  Influences as varied as the woodcuts of Albrecht Dürer, the pen and ink cartoons of Honoré Daumier and William Hogarth, and Dungeons and Dragons illustrations inform Jeffrey’s intricately conceived drawings.  Each work on display in Spectrum Vision constitutes an entry in Jeffrey’s ongoing visual novel.

Allison Berkoy’s video Another Day plays with ideas of internal versus external realities, doppels, dissociations, and questioning multiplicities.  Beginning with the text, “Last night, I think i became someone else,” the video follows a central figure who fractures into what appear to be multiple versions of himself.  Allison allows the viewer the space to decide whether these versions, or others, are physically in existence or realized only in the mind of the character.  The video suggests that time does not necessarily proceed in a linear fashion, and that we are not confined to one physical or universal space; other possibilities exist if we are open to exploration.

Ryan Brennan believes that all facets of our reality are built upon accumulated personal truths, which are in a constant state of flux. Through his work, he aims to identify and manipulate these building blocks of perception in a way that leads to a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the world. Comfort Amnesia, the material collage, is a fragmented, three-dimensional composition of stills from his video collage of the same name. Its fractured planes and jumbled images reflect a disillusionment with the sociopolitical status quo in America. Fragile Gestures, another film collage from the series Video Tangentials, is a visual riff on nature, optimism, and urban life.

Amanda Browder creates vibrant large-scale fabric installations, which wrap, encase, and augment surfaces and spaces.  Her multi-colored fabric will transform one of the walls in Spectrum Vision with a wall hanging punctuated by large stuffed fabric lighting bolts.  Amanda will also present Chromatic Hi-Five at Reverse Space on June 17, as part of the North Side Festival.  The Chromatic Hi-Five installation consists of a 17 foot truck covered by rainbow colored weatherproof fabric.  Bands of color on the exterior of the truck converge at a central locus in the truck’s bed, creating a three-dimensional vortex which will be visible from the street.

The Reifying Desire Series by Jacolby Satterwhite is a collection of six of videos, which comprise a surrealist narrative and creation myth. The title stems from Jacolby’s ongoing creative collaboration with his mother’s drawings and how they demonstrate desire. The artist’s mother, battling schizophrenia, created songs of desire and thousands of schematic drawings and inventions influenced by consumer culture, medicine, fashion, surrealism, math, sex, astrology, philosophy, and matrilineal concerns. Her drawings mostly depict common objects and luxury products found in the domestic sphere. Video pieces Reifying Desire 1 – 6 incorporate 230 3-D modeled versions of Jacolby’s mother’s drawings, the artist’s body, and animated figures to map out a queer creation myth that begins a virtual phallic tower and gradually ends up in real space.  The narration is loose, and almost acts as an exquisite corpse between CG technology, video, drawing, and performance.  Reifying Desire 1 and 2 will be on display in Spectrum Vision, as well as a series of video stills.

Alex Yudzon’s topographical maps of mountains and abstracted, aerial views of cloud formations from the series Magic Mountains and Impossible Clouds are composed of delicate lines and small symbols. The placement and proximity of symbols–each of which are freighted with multiple cultural and personal meanings–are significant to the reading of the maps. Yudzon describes his iconographic vocabulary as something like a language. The Atlas Cloud series, in which cloud formations are superimposed over pages from a 1937 atlas, explores themes of impermanence. These works seem to show that everything factual about the existence and boundaries of nations is as mutable as the atmosphere above.

Spectrum Vision will be on view from June 3 – June 30, 2012 at Reverse Space.  AD Projects will host an opening reception from 5 – 9 pm on Sunday, June 3, featuring a performance by Jacolby Satterwhite.  Viewing hours and additional events will be posted periodically on our website and social media outlets, so please check regularly.  For more information, please contact