Give an Inch

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"Coo" by Tony Oursler at Metro Pictures, 2006 Gelatin Silver Photograph Variable © Adrienne Moumin
Give an Inch
Curated by: Terry Ward

SW Corner of 23rd Street & 10th Avenue
Across 23rd Street from Jim Kempner Fine Art; Attached to north guy-pole of second 10th Avenue tree from the corner
New York, NY 10011
July 10th, 2012 - October 1st, 2012

24 hrs/day
photography, mixed-media, installation, graffiti/street-art, conceptual, surrealism, figurative


laiming to be the World's Smallest Human-Enterable Art Gallery, Two Fingers Gallery in New York City features its inaugural exhibit, "Give an Inch", until October 1, 2012.

Artist Terry Ward organized the exhibit and is a key planner for the unusual venue which has less than two-and-a-quarter square inches of usable floorspace --but which still allows visitors to "enter" the gallery. Whether the official record-keepers at Guinness will validate the record claim remains to be seen. An official record application passed the initial hurdles and was transferred to the Guinness internal system, where further consideration is pending. 

The exhibit title, "Give an Inch" refers to the gallery's own tiny size and also to the artist-invitation process in which select image-makers were asked to allow a tiny reproduction of their art (likely only an inch across) to be attached to the gallery walls. Organizer Ward said, “I wanted serious artists of merit who also have a sense of humor; one needs a certain merry outlook to react well when asked to show in a gallery smaller than a lunchbox.” Two Fingers Gallery occupies part of an empty light switch housing which is mounted at a convenient height along the sidewalk. Two of the metal box’s “knockouts” (originally meant for electrical wire conduits) have been punched out to make finger-access holes in the “gallery” floor. A window lets viewers see the art while also “entering” –-putting a fingertip inside. Maximum occupancy: two fingertips. “I considered applying jokingly for tiny building permits and other such, but I doubted I could locate sufficiently whimsical City bureaucrats in time –-but, oh, I did fantasize about getting an official letter saying, ‘maximum occupancy: zero’.” 

Unless the tiny venues are vandalized or removed before the closing date, "Give an Inch", runs until October 1, 2012. There are two locations showing the same group of images. 

Two Fingers Gallery in Chelsea: 
SW Corner of 23rd Street & 10th Avenue, NY, NY 10011
Across 23rd Street from Jim Kempner Fine Art; Attached to north guy-pole of second 10th Avenue tree from the corner.
GoogleMap :

Two Fingers Gallery in the Lower East Side:
78 East Houston Street, NY, NY 10012
At the Bowery Mural Wall (NW Corner of Houston & Bowery); Attached to Billy's Antiques and Props / Lot 76 east fencepost.)