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© Courtesy of Phillips de Pury
Curated by: Alex Glauber

450 West 15th St.
3rd Flr.
New York , NY 10011
June 22nd, 2012 - August 31st, 2012

10am - 6pm


Phillips de Pury & Company is pleased to present “Rorschach,” a selling exhibition curated by independent curator and art advisor Alex Glauber, exploring the images and the ideas behind the psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach’s projective personality assessment, commonly known as the “Inkblot Test.” Glauber brings six decades of artistic tradition surrounding the famed test to our 2nd Floor gallery at 450 Park Avenue including a rare Joseph Cornell collage, one of Andy Warhol's Rorschach paintings from 1984 and superb works by more recent talents such as Blake Rayne, Louise Despont, and Sara Greenberger Rafferty.

Despite their abstract presentation, Rorschach’s inkblots were designed to bring the viewer’s underlying personality traits and unconscious conflicts to a measurable projection. To stimulate a range of responses, Rorschach carefully revised his inkblots until they bordered abstraction and representation. Each inkblot’s color, contour, and density was designed to stimulate but not manipulate the viewer. As a result, each one had the power to evoke a range of interpretations while still lacking individual definition.

Many artists have incorporated the Rorschach test into their work recognizing the inherent charge of the imagery. Andy Warhol took up the subject in 1984 revealing an unlikely expressive desire when he made the presumptive mistake that he, like the patient, was making inkblots which would be interpreted by a doctor, or, in his case, the public. Like Rorschach, these artists rely on viewers to search for meaning where at first there appears to be none.

"Rorschach as an exhibition is about not only exploring the imagery of the famed inkblot but equally using it as a departure point to consider how pliant narratives are perceived in the mind of the viewer," explains Alex Glauber.

“Phillips de Pury & Company is delighted to host this extraordinary exhibition, organized by the talented Alex Glauber, which brings together works that are fresh and exciting, culminating in a tour de force show at our Park Avenue headquarters this summer.”