STOP & STARING 1: Composers

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Midwood, 2012 Mixed Media 10" X 10" X 15"
STOP & STARING 1: Composers
Curated by: Sunny Shin

547 West 27th Street #208
New York, NY 10001
June 20th, 2012 - July 10th, 2012
Opening: July 6th, 2012 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Tue - Fri 11AM - 6PM, SAT 11AM - 5PM
mixed-media, installation, sculpture


“STOP & STARING I: Composers”

Exhibition Date: June 20th – July 10th, 2012

Artist: Aidan Sofia Earle, Ronald L. Hall, Soo Kim, Jiyoun Lee-Lodge

Gallery Ho is pleased to announce the group exhibition, “STOP & STARING I: Composers ” by four emerging artists: Aidan Sofia Earle, Ronald L. Hall, Soo Kim, and Jiyoun Lee- Lodge; which is on view at 547 West 27th Street #208 from June 20th through July 10th, 2012. Gallery Ho curated these two group exhibitions from a selection of applicants from the Artist Open Call 2012, by which ten artists were selected. “STOP & STARING I: Composers”, the artists exhibited reflect on their emotions and opinions of their personal life and perseptions of reality through a variety of artistic techniques.

Aidan Sofia Earle, a Brooklyn artist, creates semi-abstract sculptures through abandoned and often over looked objects such as pins, bottle caps, broken scissors, antique miniature dolls, cable wires, ripped decorative grass (generally used for carry out sushi), and used cotton from daily life. With these found objects, Aidan finds unique ways to construct a single unified piece of art, making sure each object compliments another. She is very particular with her placement and by stitching, welding, or bonding together; and with much patients, finds a way to place each individual piece to fit cohesively as if it were a puzzle.

Ronald L. Hall is a Seattle based artist who used painting and collage work to represent his personal views and perspective of African American culture. Not only focusing on contemporary society, but taking from historical issues, Ronald focuses on issues of race and identity within American culture. Ronald’s draws inspiration from his personal experience of growing up in the urban setting of violence and crime of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Through the use of historical books, internet, newspapers, and personal drawings he creates art works that represent all sides of life; showing humor, brutality, racial stereotyping, and politics.

Soo Kim focuses mainly on the idea of interactions between personal characters or the surroundings of her daily life. Originally from South Korea, Soo has an obscure way of giving the objects in her artwork their own personality or identity. She connects instillation with drawing in order to fully express the meaning and underlying intentions of the work she creates. For instance, Coincident, 2012, is a piece composed of both drawing and instillation with two objects: a sweater and a chair. With all of Soo’s work, but especially this, ones imagination is pushed to see a relationship between the two very different objects.

Jiyoun Lee- Lodge is a paint and print artist from Brooklyn with an exceptional talent in both illustration and painting. With her vast talent and understanding of art-based computer programs, she has the ability to not only traditionally compose her art, but digitally enhance them. Jiyoun uses her art to express her overall opinion of ordinary life by using common subjects such as animals and characters. Each piece of her silkscreen prints or her paintings contain all images surrounding her and those are very well composed.

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