International Art Adventure Presents “Wanderlust: Chicago-Berlin 2012”

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International Art Adventure Presents “Wanderlust: Chicago-Berlin 2012”
Curated by: Marianna Buchwald

Dank Haus Scharpenberg Gallery
4740 N. Western, 4th Floor
60625 Chicago
July 9th, 2012 - October 13th, 2012
Opening: October 13th, 2012 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

By appointment
photography, mixed-media, video-art, performance, sculpture


International Art Adventures Schedule of tours for Chicago Berlin 2012.

 "Der Hirsch und sein Volk" a dance performance with masks, presented by the Kreismuseum Syke  on Aug. 12 at 3pm.  

Tour of Hannover, August 13 – August 15.   Meetup in at artist studios, of my lifelong friends and to introduce you before we embark upon our adventure to see the city and its wonderful galleries, gardens, and museums.”

 On Aug. 17, we will travel to Syke by train where our residency at Rolfs Atelier  Atelier Artefact begins, a great work space to create paintings, drawings, sculpture, film, performance. We will document the process via photo and video, so bring along your camera, laptop, and other video equipment with adaptors. This will be a great opportunity to collaborate to create transacting, teaching language via art activities.

The residency at Atelier Artefact with Rolf Schuetzek curator ATelier Artefact, open air painting, photography, music collaborations, sculpture making, filmmaking, opportunities for self- directed residencies, and to create work for our exhibition in Berlin and in Chicago for Chicago Artists Month. We will create our own daily agenda together and independent study time. 

Next we will travel to Berlin 2.Aug.21.- Aug. 28  for seven days,

 Aug 23. 7pm at a public library in Wilhelmsruhe in East Berlin.

 Aug. 24. and 25 our afternoon and evening exhibition and presentations at Flotte Lotte, these events are organized by our artist friend  and curator Renate Brummer in Wilhelmsruhe.

October 8th, Salon "Wonderlust" Berlin Chicago 2012, a conversation of shairng and presentation.


Marianna Buchwald

773 507 1300

6929 N. Lakewood

Chicago, IL. 60626