Sheetflow Songs

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Sunset, 2011 Pigment Transfer With Mixed Media On Wood 32 X 48
Sheetflow Songs

56 Park Street
05672 Stowe
June 22nd, 2012 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

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802 881 0418
W-F, 11a - 4p
music, accordion, electronics, guitar, synthesizer performance
Free Admission


571 Projects is pleased to host Sheetflow Songs, a musical collaboration between guitarist Ben Kaplan and composer Peter Flint.  Taking a cue from artist Dorothy Simpson Krause' exhibition of new mixed media work, River of Grass, currently on view, Sheetflow Songs responds to the visual imagery of the Florida Everglades as seen through this artist's eyes.  Flint will play accordion with electronics and Kaplan will perform on guitar and synthesizer.


'Sheetflow' is a term referring to the broad, wide, slow flow of water through the Everglades, and in a loose way the music in this performance mirrors this slow, massive flowing.  For Kaplan, whose background is in post-metal music, and for Flint, coming from a classical tradition, this is a significant stylistic departure that takes both performers into new and unexpected musical territory.  This is the only scheduled performance of this short set of wordless songs, so don't miss the chance to hear it!


While admission is free, please RSVP to to give us a rough idea of attendance numbers. 


River of Grass marks Krause' return to her deep environmentalist concerns, always close to hand in her work, exploring here the rich landscapes of the Florida Everglades with her unique blend of cutting edge digital processes and traditional art making methodsEight mixed media works will be on view. Krause renders the captivating beauty and shifting light using both organic substrates (linen canvas, wood panel) and inorganic substrates (aluminum panel), with painting and image transfer. From the serenely contemplative Misty River (2011, pigment transfer with mixed media on aluminum, 36 x 36 in.) to the somberly brooding Dark (2011, pigment transfer to aluminum, 24 x 22 in.), Krause's landscapes draw the viewer into a world defined by sky, water, luxuriant vegetation and reflections. Where the Hudson River painters of the 1800s saw the sublime in the American wilderness, under threat even then, Krause draws out a powerful, all-encompassing spirituality as she at once captures a fragile beauty and underlines it's inevitable vulnerability. Suffused with a soft, nuanced palette, works like Silver Sky (2012, pigment transfer to gesso on wood, 24 x 24 in.) seem to hearken more to historical documents, a concept that is developed even further in the limited edition portfolio that accompanies the exhibition.   


Dorothy Simpson Krause: River of Grass, will be on view May 31, 2012 through July 21, 2012 at 571 Projects, 551 West 21st Street, Unit 204A, New York City, 10011. 571 Projects is open Tuesday - Saturday, 12 - 6pm, and by appointment.