Contemporary Visions

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Contemporary Visions

1 Baldwin Street
London EC1V 9NU
United Kingdom
August 16th, 2012 - September 30th, 2012
Opening: August 16th, 2012 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Other (outside main areas)
+44 (0)207 253 5599
Tuesday - Friday: 10am-6pm / Saturday: 11am-5pm
photography, mixed-media, digital, installation, conceptual, figurative, sculpture

Contemporary Visions unites the perspectives of 12 contemporary international artists, who each call into question the destability of the image and of presence. The collective point of departure for each of the artists is how a vision of reality becomes translated through the artistic frame of reference. The selected artists work in all media and within all genres of art - from figurative to abstract and even conceptual, each being selected for an artistic practice that somehow perceives reality as one that has been fragmented, reconstructed, and destabilized.
Certainly the title Contemporary Visions refers (at least poetically) to that forward vision which might present some transcendent answers for our present existence - a type of artwork (figuratively speaking, of course) as self-fulfilling prophecy in and of itself. Perhaps more literally, it suggests a desire for tomorrow's art to achieve that vision which remains ceaselessly ahead of the curve, referring to the very acts and objectives of the artists themselves, as the very nature of 'contemporary art' suggests an art that looks toward the future, identifying and successfully embodying that which is yet to come - that which today remains indefinable. Therefore the exhibition takes as its origin the notion that perception and perspective is subjective, and dependent on experience and a fictional recreation of that perceived experience. The unifying conceptual thread that runs throughout the exhibition appears to call forward to some anxiety toward an Orwellian future - yet one that very  consciously presents itself as more Logan's Run than Blade Runner. 

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