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© Courtesy of Janet Kurnatowski Gallery
Curated by: Joelen Mulvaney

205 Norman Ave
New York, NY 11222
June 1st, 2012 - July 1st, 2012
Opening: June 1st, 2012 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Summer Hours Sat & Sun 1-6 pm


Janet Kurnatowski Gallery is proud to present Hex a group exhibition curated by Joelen Mulvaney and includes work by Cora Cohen, Loren Erdrich, Tamara Gonzales, Margrit Lewczuk and Jenny Lynn McNutt. The show is the culmination of Mulvaney's two-year journey through the studios, lives and thoughts of these diverse and dynamic group of artists, the result is a collection of art that expresses their rich and nuanced inspirations, methodologies, rituals and spirit.

The opening reception for Hex will be Friday June 1st from 7pm-9pm. The exhibition runs from June 1st to July 1st , 2012.

Abstract artist Cora Cohen's current works are mediations of the logograms, and pictograms of Linear B script. They derive rhythm and basis from the script, and the narratives of its discovery.

This March her paintings were included in Invitational Exhibition of Visual Arts at the American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York. Her work is in the collections of The Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Swedish State Art Council, Stockholm; The Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro; and Yale University, New Haven. She lives and works in Long Island City, New York and, at times, the Rhine region of Germany.

Loren Erdrich is a Brooklyn based mixed-media visual artist working primarily in drawing, sculpture, performance and video.  She exhibits individually and as part of CultureLab Collective.  A 2011 show in San Marcos, TX featured her work alongside that of Louise Bourgeois, Kiki Smith and Félix González-Torres.  In May 2011 Loren was featured in a Vogue Italia photo essay of female artists to watch in NYC by photographer Francesco Carrozzini. Together with poet Sierra Nelson she co-founded Invisible Seeing Machine, a collaborative art group, which won the NYU Washington Square Review Prize for Collaboration for their lyrical choose-choose-your-own-adventure book I Take Back the Sponge Cake, combining drawings, poems, and collaboratively written poetry, recently published by by Rose Metal Press.  

Tamara Gonzales marries popular culture with ancient mythology. Her employment of mixed media and collage techniques allows for the opportunity of chance encounters with divergent materials, surfaces and meanings; combining more painterly techniques with stencils, image and text Tamara is able to reference ceremonial ritual: puja; ancestor worship; Wicca; and Catholicism. Her synthesis of private and public symbols allows her to produce personal art that has the flexibility to address current world events and the larger social environment,

Margrit Lewczuk's drawings offer a glimpse into how the paintings are made. Her colors are vibrant and pulsating, ranging from florescent greens to striking blues, luscious hot reds and fuchsia's with a sprinkle of rich earthly tones. Her travels to exotic lands such as Timbuktu, Bamako, Tunisia, Mexico, Mali & Dogon in West Africa influence the rhythms, colors and mark making in her drawings and paintings. The surroundings of rich textiles, pottery, ruins, ancient carvings all seep into the work; her tribal motifs are painted freehand onto large white linens in lush colors resulting in geometric pat- terns that twist and bend the planes of space. Roberta Smith says, "Her interlacing, overlapping forms, for the most part organized in grids and other quadrilateral arrangements, balance with distinctive awkwardness between organic and geometric, their boisterous scale held in check by taut layering. The resulting flatness is nearly concave; the shapes seem carved, or maybe nailed down, like abstract animal skins. The resulting tension has a pulsating energy that is visionary..."

Lewczuk has been in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including P.S.1 Museum, Betty Cuning- ham Gallery, Matthew Marks Gallery, Pamela Auchincloss Gallery, Sideshow Gallery and Parker's Box to name a few. She has been awarded the Esther and Adolph Gottlieb Foundation Grant, Raushenberg Foundation, Guggenheim Fellowship Grant, National Endowment for the Arts

Jenny Lynn McNutt has shown painting, sculpture, and multimedia performances nationally and internationally. Her solo shows in New York have been with Emily Sorkin, Florence Lynch, and Robert Pardo Galleries. Since 2005 McNutt has had numerous exhibits & performances in Tunisia, North Africa. At the invitation of the Minister of Culture and the Environment her performance "Grupo Cuerpo" was performed at the inauguration of a new park in Carthage for the World Environmental Day.Among her recent awards in 2011 are the Rothman Opportunity Grant (NYFA), a NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship, a William Hillman Foundation Grant and a Pratt Faculty Development Grant. In 1993-1994 McNutt received a Fulbright Fellowship to West and Central Africa.

Joelen Mulvaney is a Vermont based artist, She studied in various settings, Cooper Union School of Art, the Brooklyn Museum School and with Robert Blackburn and Krishna Reddy at the Printmaking Workshop. Her work infuses imagery with symbolism derived from ritual practice and political activism and employs nature directly, often using plants, bones and animal parts or animal manufactured objects such as beaver sticks in her layered surfaces.