Deconstructing The Habit

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Drunk Drunk Bed Rat, 2010 Inkjet Print 20" X 27" © Zehra Khan
Deconstructing The Habit
Curated by: Angela Washko

491 Boradway, 5th floor
New York, NY 10012
June 27th, 2012 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

advertising video-art performance


NEW YORK, NY – Spattered Columns, an exhibition space operated by the non-profit Art Connects New York (ACNY), is pleased to announce the opening of “Deconstructing the Habit” curated by Angela Washko on June 6, 2012.

In an era characterized by conspicuous consumption, a slipping middle class, 60 hour work weeks, and systematically habitual models and standards for living, the exhibiting artists respond to the foundations of routine. The artists in “Deconstructing the Habit” respond to contemporary lifestyle models shaped by the blurring of news and advertising—the dissolving of “wants” into “needs”. Exhibiting artists include Pauline Bastard, Yana Dimitrova, Hannah Heilmann, Ann Hirsch, Zehra Khan and Tim Winn, Kristoffer Orum and Anders Bojen, Molleindustria, Nathaniel Sullivan, and The Council on Gender Sensitivity and Behavioral Awareness in RPGs.

Looking at the dangerous archetypes of women created in reality television, Ann Hirsch shares her experience and mental state on “Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair.” Hannah Heilmann, Zehra Khan, Nathaniel Sullivan and Molleindustria look at the effects of consuming projected models for successful lifestyles on quality of life. Pauline Bastard and Yana Dimitrova present detailed moments that are consumed daily and frequently taken for granted. The Council on Gender Sensitivity and Behavioral Awareness in RPGs unearths both subtle and not-so-subtle gender-based stereotypes in role-playing video games while Kristoffer Orum and Anders Bojen create live action role playing opportunities for already marginalized enthusiasts.

In conjunction with the exhibition Angela Washko has organized “HABIT: A Video Festival” at Spattered Columns on June 13 at 7:30pm. The short videos presented in this program question the reality that we are passively consuming and the dangerous confines of systematic expectations regarding acceptable lifestyle choices. The artists included in HABIT create realistic fictions and diaristic narratives based on real-life experiences in combination with bizarre surrealism and hyperbole. “HABIT: A Video Festival” features video works by Pauline Bastard, Mike Bonanno (The Yes Men), Kerry Downey, Dynasty Handbag, Ann Hirsch, Jaime Iglehart, Sunita Prasad, Robby Rackleff, Nathaniel Sullivan, The Council on Gender Sensitivity and Behavioral Awareness in RPGs, and Angela Washko.

The opening reception for “Deconstructing the Habit” will take place from 6pm to 8pm on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at Spattered Columns, 491 Broadway, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10012 featuring performance artists Zehra Khan and Tim Winn. A closing event will take place Wednesday, June 27 from 6pm to 8pm at Spattered Columns featuring performance artists Hannah Heilmann, Ann Hirsch, Matthew Silver, Nathaniel Sullivan, Angela Washko and Chester Zecca. The exhibition will run until June 28. The gallery is open Monday through Friday, 12pm to 6pm.

For more information on “Deconstructing the Habit” at Spattered Columns, please visit or contact Stephanie Lindquist at

This program is supported, in part, by public Funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in Partnership with the City Council. Additional funding is made possible in part with public funds from the Fund for Creative Communities, supported by New York State Council on the Arts and administered by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.