Post Comtenporary

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Chandelier, 2009 Photograph, Silver Gelatine On Transparencies With Pigment Archival Ink, Triple Gilded 22 K Gold Leaf 32"W X19"H © Copyright
Post Comtenporary
Curated by: Rodrigo Salomon

83 Leonard Street
4th Floor
New York, NY 10013
April 1st, 2012 - May 31st, 2012

Only by appointment
photography, mixed-media, digital, surrealism, figurative



Salomon Arts Gallery, 83 Leonard Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY. 10013 

 (212). 966.1997



 On view April 1st through May31

 Tribeca  Artists Open Studio Tour (TOAST)

 Salomon Arts Gallery presents a group show of an eclectic group of artists: Martin  Abrahams,Thomas Banks, Lynn Bianchi, Robert Bianchi, Jay C Lohmann, Elizabeth Gregory Gruen, Brooke Larsen, R. Douglass Rice and Salvador Rosillo.

 In 1863, Baudelaire wrote “I mean the ephemeral, the fugitive, the contingent, the half of art whose other half is the eternal and the immutable." These artists and writers recognize that to make significant, potentially timeless art, it was necessary to begin from the transitory, ever-changing present.”

 A series of timeless artistic coincidences occurred after the curator Rodrigo Salomon had selected the paintings for the show. While pondering what to call this exhibition, the idea to call this eclectic exhibition “Post Contempo- rarycame to mind while thinking about a postcard that Thomas Banks, one of the Artists in the exhibition, had written. Banks was the first person with the idea “POST CONTEMPORARY”: Post being what comes after, and Contemporary as something that cannot truly exist because as soon as it appears it is gone. In fact everything perceived by the senses, even arising in our mind has already occurred. If we say that one basic thing . Art provides is a historical timeline for cultures from ancient pottery shards to new media, moving image and performance pieces, we see that art has a special relationship to time. Would this limit Art in the relative sense? Of course on the absolute level time does not exist Time is an illusion, a concept with no solid reality".

 Jay C Lohmann, finds that by rearranging images, printed material and painted graffiti, he can externally manifest and manipulate the internal film that goes on in his mind. For the exhibit he had sent two pieces from Milan that never arrived. With two weeks left for the exhibit he had to produce two pieces of art. His piece"Human Shadows" was made from porno magazines that he found on a sidewalk 20 years ago. Some young friends found the pieces in his studio, which theythought was fresh and timeless, and suggested that he show them at the exhibit.

 Savador Rosillo: "When I call Japan I am calling from the past, when Japananswers they answer from the future". His art pieces happened to have beenmade 20 years ago and from the time the artwork was selected at his studio and by the time he delivered the art pieces to the gallery Salvador had transformed the pieces to be viewed in the future.

 Following the same thread is Elizabeth Gregory Gruen. In “Gun Shot #2” series  are paradoxical works of unity and desintegration.Taking a 12-gauge shotgun she spontaneously blasted select pieces of her work to elevate the experience to an emotional crescendo. By the time she pulls the trigger and the bullet passes through all the layers of paper the damaged picture is Post Contemporized.

 Martin Abrahams states "The photo montage series is a visual journey of thesub-conscious through juxtaposing images mixing the political with the poetic,the amusing with the absurd, the strange and the grotesque, creating a surrealistic cartoon reality.” It is by combining this elements from a pop comic book culture during an era of banned comic books that he is able to transport us to a Subterranean Dreamscape, bringing the past and present into futuristicimages, making them timelessness.

 Brooke Larsen states “These drawings are about stories and images in a timelost or forgotten, in a place far, far away when things were a whole lot simpler. As I look at these drawings I smile and laugh a little, Thinking about all the memories from that time long, long ago. I now lay in bed and read (I love reading) and have become an expert sewing machine operator from working on a mattress factory (plus repairing a few friends clothes) and here I am drawing with a sewing machine on paper about books who would thought. I can only say “I Love Making These Drawings.“

 The relativity of time within Lynn Bianchi’s photographs is a transmutation frompast to present creating everlasting imagery. Her exquisite images are createdthrough an alchemic process of making a silver gelatin print on transparenciesand gilding them three times with 22 Karat gold leaf, again a timeless transformation of ever lasting imagery.

 Robert Bianchi: In “Moving in Realities” who time and time again photographs his subjects at different intervals of time and the figures found within the assembled imagery begin to develop relationships and interactions as he amalgamates them into one unifiedsequence creating motion in stillness.

 R Douglass Rice: In "Bodies on the Line" Doug uses mirrored images to convey the molecular structure that all images become unified in time with a timeless effect.


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