Broadway Gallery at Fountain Art Fair 2012

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Broadway Gallery at Fountain Art Fair 2012
Curated by: Abraham Lubelski

68 Lexington Avenue @ 25th Street
69th Regiment Armory
New York, NY 10010
March 9th, 2012 - March 11th, 2012
Opening: March 9th, 2012 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM

flat iron/gramercy
installation, pop

Broadway Gallery, NYC is setting up for Armory Arts Week.  And this year, it is displaying work at Fountain.  The gallery will be featuring an international line up with artists whose concerns range from hyper-texture to human sexuality to Neo-Pop.  A confirmed list of participants includes Sophia Dang, Nikki Romanello, Jessica Manley, Patricia Mota, Jamie Dalglish, Barnaby Ruhe, Rick Hildebrandt, John F. Moore Jr, Lucien Dulfan, Marcel Varela, Sirpa Miettinen, Jean Marc-Schwaller, Fedor Alexeev and Debbi Chan.

Most notable will be Abraham Lubelski's contribution.  Lubelski was part of the No Comment show during OWS last year.  The show was heavily guarded by police and brought the argument inside the gallery.  Critic John Perreault has called his work entitled 250,000 Works on Paper his "Jackson Pollock moment."  Visitors will enjoy seeing this piece front and center in the lobby of Fountain.  And curated by Lee Klein with Deborah Rabinsky is a section called "Hyper-Texture."  Long before such artists as Frank Stella and Fabian Marcaccio delved into this realm, Jackson Pollock brought film to bear on paint and Van Gogh infused nature into his brushstrokes in order to simulate its textures. This exhibit celebrates Van Gogh's lead into this discourse and how it relates to our latter day dialogue.