Not Festival: On horns, hair, hens, haze and other (Orgi)anics things.

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Spiraling, 2011 Paper (Mixed Media) 9' X 12' X 4' © Xochitl Gil-Higuchi, 2011
Not Festival: On horns, hair, hens, haze and other (Orgi)anics things.

39 Ainslie St.
Brooklyn 11211
September 24th, 2011 - October 8th, 2011



Luis Lara Malvacías in Association with Movement Research, the Greenspan Center, Williamsburg and Gallery Galou presents:

Not Festival: On horns, hair, hens, haze and other (Orgi)anics things.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

The Not Festival: On horns, hair, hens, haze and other (Orgi)anics things is a 2-week event that will take place from September 24th to October 8th, 2011. Created by 3RD CLASS CITIZEN and by the initiative of choreographer and multidisciplinary Venezuelan artist Luis Lara Malvacías, the event consists of a series of site-specific performances and installations, art exhibitions, jams, lectures and discussions of topics that are relevant to contemporary dance and art today, as well as contemporary dance classes and workshops. The title chosen for this edition of the "NOT FESTIVAL", is offered as a framework where participants can get in and out of it; can re-frame it; can get rid of the concepts that this title might imply which could constrain their creative choices; can re-conceptualize it when in doubt; and finally, can fully remove themselves from it to allow meaning to be created in tandem with their creative process. 

All the activities will be created, developed and presented at 39 Ainslie St, one of the few industrial/commercial buildings in the Williamsburg area that, although surrounded by high-rise developments and new luxury condos, is still standing. Maintaining its original warehouse looks, which originally attracted artists to move to the area, it still has a dance studio available for rental at a low rate, and ironically, a heated bodywork pool on the ground floor. The performers include artists from different cultural backgrounds who live and work in New York as well as guest artists from abroad. Renowned international dance teachers will lead the dance classes and workshops, and Movement Research will co-produce a Studies Project in partnership with the Not Festival. The TRANSART collective – an international collective of artists from around the world – and Galou gallery will also be involved in the final development of the event.

The purpose of the Not Festival : On horns, hair, hens, haze and other (Orgi)anics things project is threefold: as a continuation of Luis Lara Malvacías’s interest in creating collaborative and multidisciplinary events that can act as a cross-cultural exploration for the participants and the audience;  as a powerful stimulus to the participating artists by offering them the opportunity to meet and share with others their ideas and approaches to creation, and to discuss topics that are relevant to contemporary art and dance today; and to serve as a platform that can encourage the formation of a network of people who can create similar projects in the future in other parts of the world.

Luis Lara Malvacías created 3RD CLASS CITIZEN in 2003. Formed initially with a focus on dance, visual arts and New Media, this collective was comprised of artists from a wide range of the growing Latino populations living and working in New York. Its collective nature also encouraged the interaction of artists, musicians, designers and choreographers from different cultural backgrounds that added a different contribution to the mix. The project is constantly evolving and changing. The Not Festival : On horns, hair, hens, haze and other (Orgi)anics things is a result of this venture. With this project, Luis Lara Malvacías and 3RD CLASS CITIZEN wants to continue the process of investigation and exchange initiated already with the Latino American Dance: Not Festival Project (2003) and Under a Big, Bright, Yellow Sun (2005). Both projects took place in New York and brought together notable artists from the city and from several Latino American countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile and Puerto Rico.

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