A Screening of Robert Adanto's Darkly Digital & Divine

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"Sebastien" from The Immortals, 2009 © Sabine Pigalle
A Screening of Robert Adanto's Darkly Digital & Divine
Curated by: Robert Adanto

723 Washington St
New York, New York 10014
February 24th, 2012 - February 24th, 2012
Opening: February 24th, 2012 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

greenwich/west village
documentary photography, digital, conceptual
Donation of $10.00


Bennett Media Studios is proud to present a sneak peek of Robert Adanto's new art documentary Darkly Digital & Divine, along with three short films fresh from the Sundance Film Festival, and an interesting mix of music provided by emerging artists Ben Lear, Audrey Ellis Fox, & Earnest Blount.

Darkly Digital & Divine
Through an integration of computers and photography, art and technology, the emerging field of digital imaging is changing the world we live in. Robert Adanto’s Darkly Digital & Divine explores the “post-photographic” world through eye-opening interviews with some of the most adventurous image-makers altering, layering, and enhancing digital photographs. Darkly
Digital & Divine depicts a medium in transition, offering a startling look at the present as it ushers in a new reality: a brave new world of digital rather than visual truth. A world for which authors have written and poets have sung. It is a world that up until now has eluded the camera’s eye.

Erwin Olaf, Ruud van Empel, AES + F Group, Oleg Dou, Emily Allchurch, Sabine Pigalle, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Lisa Holden, Micha Klein, Jonny Briggs, Jamie Baldridge, Mel Bagshaw, Michel Valentino, Carla Gannis, Bernd Preiml, Clinton Fein, Tereza Vlcková, Jasper de Bejier & Katerina Belkina

Sundance Short Films

The Arm
written and directed by
Jessie Ennis, Brie Larson & Sarah Ramos

'92 Skybox Alonzo Mourning Rookie Card
directed by Todd Sklar
written by Todd Sklar & Alex Rennie

directed by Craig Macneill
written by Craig Macneill & Clay McLeod Chapman

Musical Acts
Ben Lear, Audrey Ellis Fox, & Earnest Blount of Teaching Machine