"Dreams In Color"

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"Dreams In Color", June 11th 2008 Paintings © One9, Pamella Anderson
"Dreams In Color"
Curated by: Rene Abdo

155 Spring St. (4fl)
New York, NY 10012
June 11th, 2008 - July 4th, 2008
Opening: June 11th, 2008 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

646 808 5241
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"Dreams In Color"
curated by Rene Abdo
Wednesday June 11th
An exhibit showing the works of One9 and Pamella Allen
Your Dream. My Dream. The Dream in full color

In this concrete jungle called New York our dreams sometimes get lost and seem to be restrained to black and white structures. These bodies of work bring our dreams back to color breathing vibrant hues into our minds and our spirit.

Group Exhibit "Dreams Of Color"
Featured Artist One9

One9 began his artistic career as an aerosol artist on the streets,
alleys and corners of Washintgon DC. With a can of spray paint as his
chosen instrument of expression, One9 was able to successfully connect his
creative thoughts with the passion and cutting edge sentiment that
characterized his environment. This period of the artist’s life
culminated in his inclusion as a featured artist in“Free Agents: The
History of Washington DC Graffiti” (Edited by Roger Gastman), a book that
took a close look at the ideas and work of the capital city’s most
prominent street artists. One9 was influenced by a variety of music and
cultures that he studied which reflected in his paintings and murals.After
some contemplation on the best way to convey his message to the world, One9
decided to attend college in pursuit of a more formal training in the
creative arts. Unsatisfied with the traditional course offerings available
to him at the University of Maryland, One9 designed a new curriculum that
combined traditional artistic practices with new technological advances and
graduated with a bachelors degree in Visual Communications in 1996.As One9
matured his artistic vision followed suit. He became increasingly
interested in communicating the visual manifestations of rhythm and his
work began to illustrate this new philosophy. In 1997, One9’s work led
to his being chosen to conduct a workshop on the interpretation of rhythm
as part of the Smithsonian Institution’s Seeing Jazz Festival. One9 led
workshop participants through exercises that allowed them to translate
music into visual form. In 1998 One9 went on to curate and exhibit in an
international art exhibtion entitlled: Divine Design that featured
artwork, sculptures, martial arts and music from Japan, Mexico and the
United States. The show was documented on BET’s Rap City.The merging of
visual and aural art forms would continue to influence the work of One9 and
inform the creative directions he would later take. He was profiled in the
Washington Post magazine and appeared as the feature profile in the
inaugural installment of Rap City, Japan, the Japanese version of the
popular Black Entertainment Television music program. After One9 relocated
to NY in 2000 One9’s artwork was featured in Animal New York magazine as
well as exhibiting in the following arts shows 3rd Wave: The Planet of
Brooklyn Transitions, D.U.M.BO Art Fest,’s The Rebirth of
Ill, and The Walls Belong To Us Art Benefit.