Welcome to Reality™: Control Room presents The Reality™ Institute

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Welcome to Reality™: Control Room presents The Reality™ Institute
Curated by: Michael Molitch-Hou

2006 E 7th St
Los Angeles, CA 90021
December 17th, 2011 - January 8th, 2012
Opening: December 17th, 2011 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

downtown/east la
By appointment and Sundays during exhibitions. Please see event info and website for hours and updates.
CalArts (California Institute of the Arts)
digital, installation, video-art, performance, conceptual, pop, surrealism

This Saturday, December 17th, from 7-10pm, we are pleased to announce a complete takeover of Control Room by The Reality™ Institute, and Reality™ Incorporated, Co. Please join us for an evening of mind-bending installations, videos, performances, as well as a set of readings that will take place at 8:30pm.  

Writer Michael Molitch-Hou will be inhabiting physical space for the first time ever with his ongoing project, The Reality™ Institute. With a community of friends and artists, the Institute explores the idea of representing representation and how the symbols of language and culture lead to a displacement from awareness of the present moment. Words and abstract thought, humanity's most complex and valuable tool, allow us to create inspirational forms of art, but also the most elaborate of illusions. Applying these tools in a series of physical and theoretical investigations, the Institute endeavors to determine what the boundaries of reality™ are in our increasingly abstract environment. By defining these accelerating slippages in the structures of perception, knowledge, and belief, in matter-of-fact terms, The Reality™ Institute provides the assistance needed for self-aware entities to be aware of where they are. At least in relation to where they aren't. Come for a free trial, this Saturday. 

Reality™ Representatives include: 

Melena Baralis
Patrick Benjamin
Seth Blake
Adria Bregani
Byron Campbell
Scott Grunewald
Hillary Kapan
Anthony Lowder
Danielle Matich
Oscar Moralde
Ben Nyberg
Dave Perry
Lan Pham
Brian Pickett
Nancy Romero
Laurel Rosales
Tracy Rosenthal
Chelsea Trescott

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