Algorithmic Unconscious

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Dither Study, 2011 Digital C Print © Daniel Temkin
Atari Noise (video still) © Arcangel Constantini
Algorithmic Unconscious
Curated by: Phillip Stearns

54 Maujer Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11206
New York, New York 11206
November 4th, 2011 - November 28th, 2011
Opening: November 4th, 2011 6:30 PM - 11:30 PM


Algorithmic Unconscious

Curated by Phillip Stearns

Digital is anti-noise. In the shift from analog, physical, or chemical forms of art making—where physical agents operate on physical material—to digital, the noise of the medium is minimized (controlled) as a default of the technological substrate.

Algorithmic Unconscious highlights machine/human collaborations where the primary material in the works exhibited is the inherent noise of electronic systems. By emphasizing random fluctuations, the artists explore the potential for electronic technologies to misinterpret and re-imagine the signals they are processing in order to complete the work. The featured artists work within and parallel to the Glitch Art movement, recognizing that algorithms for processing signals function as key materials of digital art. By feeding these algorithms "unconventional data" or by putting them through unconventional routines, noise is reintroduced as a signature of the machine.

Jeff Donaldson’s work takes analog VHS tapes and Flash video compression and twists them into a system where the product is an "interpretation" of noise that mirrors the phenomenon responsible for the noise of our visual sense organs being perceived as visions in dreams. Dan Temkin puts Photoshop’s dithering algorithm into a situation where it is forced to get creative with incompatible color palettes in the production of large scale, low-resolution images. Arcangel Constantini re-wires the electronics of an Atari 2600 game console from the 70s so that the internal memory is expressed in a fragmented machine style stream-of-consciousness: a frenetically changing barrage of fragmented geometries and saturated colors. The images of Phillip Stearns’s DCP Series explore a machine dream-state induced by rewiring the brains of digital cameras. The analog plotter drawings of Jeff Snyder utilize technologies from which contemporary digital art practices originated: analog computing, providing an elegant counter point to the digital works in the show.

The algorithmic unconscious itself may not yet be something that we can clearly define or identify, however, we may be able to view the works in this exhibition and identify between them a revised metaphor for ourselves and our relationship to our technology.

Schedule of Events
Opening: November 4th, 6:30p reception / 9:30p concert

Exhibiting Artists
Jeff Snyder
Daniel Temkin
Phillip Stearns
Jeff Donaldson
Arcangel Constantini

Performance Lineup
Richard Garet
Kamran Sadeghi
Phillip Stearns
Closing: November 18th, 8:30p - 11:30p

Performance Lineup
Phil White
Dandelion Fiction
Phillip Stearns
Artist Bios:
Daniel Temkin makes still and interactive pieces, often consisting of uneasy collaborations with the computer. His work has been exhibited in museums, galleries, and festivals in North America and Europe. He has presented papers at such conferences as GLI.TC/H, Rewire (Media Art Histories) and Hackers on Planet Earth, and served as artist-in-residence in Budapest and in Southern Italy. He is currently an MFA Candidate at the International Center of Photography.
Jeff Snyder (b.1978) is a composer, instrument designer, electronics performer and sound artist working in the New York City area. His works have been performed by a variety of ensembles, including the Timetable Percussion Trio and the Wet Ink Ensemble. He has recently been working on writing music for an ensemble consisting only of instruments he designed and built. He performs and records in an analog synthesizer duo with Sam Pluta, called exclusiveOr (CD out on Quiet Design Records), and also performs on a hacked 1980s pen plotter with Victor Adan in the Draftmasters. Jeff's electro-country alter ego Owen Lake released his debut album in 2008, on the Layered label. He also founded and co-runs the Carrier Records label for experimental music with Sam Pluta and David Brynjar-Franzson. As a member of the Wet Ink composers’ collective since 2004, Jeff has written many pieces for the group and performed electronics on the work of several composers. Lately, he has been experimenting with making visual artworks using obsolete analog chart plotter technology. In 2009, Jeff Snyder founded Snyderphonics, a company devoted to the invention of new and unusual muscial instruments and controllers. His first product, the Manta controller, was released that same year.
Phillip Stearns received his MFA in music composition and integrated media from the California Institute of Arts in 2007 and his BS in music technology from the University of Colorado at Denver in 2005. His work has been exhibited internationally at electronics arts festivals, museums, and galleries including: Harvestworks (2010 NYC); (2010 Chicago, IL); Festival De Arte Digital (2010 Belo Horizonte, Brazil); FILE (2009 Sao Paulo, Brazil); NIME (2009 Pittsburgh, PA); Filmer La Musique (2009 Paris, France); FONLAD (2009 Coimbra, Portugal); Torrance Art Museum (2008, 2007 Los Angeles, CA); Optica Film Festival (2011, 2008 Spain). He has participated in residencies at Museums Quartier (Vienna 2010), STEIM (Amsterdam 2007), Experimental Television Center (NY 2009), Harvestworks (NY 2010), is the current AIRTime Fellow at Free103Point9 for the 2010-2011 cycle, and curator for the 8th annual Bent Festival (2011).
ARCÁNGEL CONSTANTINI (México, DF. 1970) His research and development as an artist, curator and promoter is fully activated by the linkage between artistic and technological processes, different lines of discourse are present in his practice, linked perceptive processes, from a conceptual ludic cut. He is a collector of obsolete technology that integrates as a contemporary understandings of processes and ideas in disuse, his discourses are fed by activities related to the net-art, technology, hack, design interfaces and devices, interactive animation, experimental music and sound art illustration, graphics, photographs and video, audio-visual experimentation has been one of the fundamental practices in production and collaborative authorship, as in management.

Since 1997, maintains a steady production of net art projects related to the use of new technologies for artistic creation, is a specialist and manager and curator of art events and technology. New Media Curator of the Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo, 2000 to 2009 coordinating the art program and new technologies "Cyberlounge", Curator of the 2005 and 2009 emissions from the Biennale of Electronic Art "Transitio mx" the ANC and CONACULTA, Curator Inaugural event of The fonoteca nacional y, Curator of the University's CENTRO inaugural event, Member of the Board of Dorkbot, Mexico City, Director of the gallery 1 / 4. un-cuarto  specializing in the production of art and technological experimentation of Mexican artists.

Has been exhibited in prominent festivals and media art in Canada, Korea, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Peru, China, USA, Brazil, Australia, Puerto Rico. He received the Young Artists Scholarship FONCA 2000, the Rockefeller Fellowship / Macarthur 2002, support to artistic production of the Multimedia Center, the support given by Fundación Telefónica in the "Contest VIDA 0.11". Production support Bancomer Foundation, is part of the National Art Artists 2005-2008. 2011-2013