Live and Express Art Exhibit

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Live and Express Art Exhibit
Curated by: Reconstruct Art

675 3rd Ave, New York
10017 New York
October 13th, 2011 - October 27th, 2011
Opening: October 13th, 2011 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Other (outside areas listed)
mixed-media, installation, graffiti/street-art, performance, modern


Featuring works by three artists:

Maurice Anderson Jr. narrates the theme "Love2live & Live2Love."

Scott Williams presents a series of political illustrations.

ML Kinnel presents a series of abstract and fragmented shapes on canvas.


About the Artists:


For years, since I can recall, I've always drawn images of eyes faces or abstract shapes. Wether doodling on the side pages of class work, or finding an escape from boredom, I discovered an urge to find solitude along the walls of these simple shapes. Presently and within the last few years I found a form to house them in; the mask. During these years I found myself contemplating what an artist truly was and how I would convey this inside my drawings. Although I never really understood the purpose of expressing my craft, I've soon come to

realize that development of any form is nothing that should be forced, but honed like a lifestyle or an acquired taste. And so, the mask(s) I draw and create represent many aspects from various periods of my life. So much so that you can easily see them translated in the broken wood I use. Overall, I have become inspired to bring the mask back as a form of American identity. An identity that hasn't taken shape but is forever fragmented. Taken from the name of a book by the Author Terrance Mckenna, I believe this sums up a connection of various thoughts called; the "Archaic Revival".

ML Kinnel, born in Pomona California, is an innovative artist with a lot of fresh painting styles and mediums to choose from. With an interest in captivating the imagination of the future his sole interest when it comes to art is simply this: make art that both a child and adult will LOVE and relate to. Having developed his very own style using various mediums as crocheted yarn pieces or fragmented wooden wine crates, he applied these techniques to mask. Not only are they child friendly but they can be used as home decor or outdoor art.

He has shown his works at Neighborhood Holistic Health Yoga studio, Heath Gallery and Orchard Windows Gallery.


Painting for me began with graffiti; it began on the streets of my neighborhood in Hollis Queens and around NYC.  My admiration and desire to write was fueled by the different styles of graffiti around me. Propelled to make my mark I use my favorite tool, the spray can.

Enamored with the freedom to express aggression, relaxation, or a wild and rugged street vibe, I am able to be free to create what I feel. My work is a fusion between these varied emotions and so is the method I use on my canvas. I use spray paint and ink. The ink drips in my work are very expressive and convey a great deal. I draw my lines with a brush, graffiti tools called “mops” and paint pens.

"Love2live & Live2Love"

I always had a fascination with the day of the dead art. I wanted to make something similar but with my own flair. A lot of things have changed in my personal life that have me thinking about how thin the line between life and death really is. I want you to feel the beauty of life though my art, even though I am also talking about death. I take my time when painting in my  backyard studio using spray-paint, graffiti inks, and rubber stamps.



Scott began his theatrical career as a scenic painter for the FRANK SILVERA WRITERS WORKSHOP in the early eighties. Other duties included set and costume design, and numerous poster illustrations. As an actor he has appeared in E-MAN, DRUMS OF THE BLACK WEST, SUGAR MOUTH SAM, HOME, and many other productions. Scott has done many play readings, is a co-founder of Times Square Playwrites, and served as manager of Where Eagles Dare Rehearsal Studios.

For the last few years, Scott has performed puppetry with the Brewery Puppet Troupe. Venues have included the Kennedy Library, the Smithsonian, and numerous public parks, schools, and libraries. As a voice actor, Scotts’ credits include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Daria, Chaotic, Uffa, Celebrity Deathmatch, Superjail, and Pokémon.

As an illustrator Scott has worked for The Journal Observer, African Connections, The New York Press, The Brooklyn Paper, City Hall, The Jewish Voice, and The Capitol. He has also done illustrations for the singer Alicia Keys and her fan club magazine. Scotts’ work has also been exhibited in Coogans’ Bar,  Gallery 12, the Ricco/ Maresca Gallery, and the Townhouse Gallery.

Contact: (404) 551-7554