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© Courtesy of (e)merge art fair

10 “I” Street, SW
Washington , D.C. 20024
September 22nd, 2011 - September 25th, 2011

United States


> Chukwuma Agubokwu -Cross Adams (Triptych)- In the Shadow of a Blank State The Cross Adams (Triptych) is a non-linear story of its titular main character's experiences as he attempts to approach life with a Post-Black mind frame. Adams elects to self-determine his image as opposed to passively falling into any prefabricated, monolithic tropes of blackness.
Room 2. 6pm

> Kristina BilonickDC Cheer! . DC Cheer! is a community based performance led by Kristina Bilonick, who put out a call to local artists and supporters to join a cheerleading squad. Inspired by Judy Chicago’s ‘Cunt Cheerleaders’, the DC Cheer! squad will post up at (e)merge to encourager the growing artist community in DC.
Performed throughout the grounds of the hotel. 5pm - 9pm

> Wilmer Wilson IV- Bandage/I Voted . Bandage/I Voted is a durational sculptural performance and photography installation created by Wilmer Wilson IV to examine the implications of everyday objects - band aids and a familiar emblem associated with political elections – I Voted stickers. When not performing, the artist will distribute materials to viewers.
Room 2. 12pm - 7pm (Saturday performance Room 2, 12-7pm)

> Melissa Ichiuji-Everything to Lose. The artist conceived Everything to Lose as a work of total self-absorption. She describes this performance as a symbolic act of “I” suicide performed in public, explaining that communion with God requires the surrender of identity, delusions, ego, and worldly attachments. Through the use of movement, costume and sound, the artist metaphorically discards layers that separate her from others and from the divine universal spirit that comprises everything.
Pool Deck, south 3:30 pm

> James J. Williams III - Wandering Hearts Are Fond. As a companion piece to his installation, They Break Horses, Don’t They, James J. Williams III will present, Wandering Hearts Are Fond, a 20-25 minute continuous multimedia performance that builds on the theme of relationships and power struggles. The elements of this work include video, music, and spoken word
Pool Deck, south. 1pm

> Jeffry Cudlin & Kathryn Cornelius- Triathlon of the Muses.The performance is titled after artistic contests held in conjunction with the Olympics in the early twentieth century. At (e)merge, Cornelius and Cudlin will compete head-to-head in an art world triathlon mixing real tests of physical stamina with the trappings of contemporary gallery culture.
Pool Deck, west. 12pm - 2pm

> JJ McCracken-The Martyr. In this all-day endurance performance, two women who are tethered together, each struggle under the weight of a leather harnesses laden with dozens of handmade bowls. The thirsty women compete to reach water sources, though their cumbersome apparatuses prevent them from drinking.
Pool Deck, east. 12pm - 7pm

> Bradley Chriss- Meat Poem: for Georges. The artist will host a banquet for Georges Bataille’s ghost in this performance and installation. The artist will read of selections of Bataille’s writings and summon the author’s ghost to haunt the Capitol Skyline Hotel.
Room 3. 5pm - 7pm

> Holly Bass -Moneymaker . This performance combines an endurance performance and a conceptual hip-hop art piece consisting of 'Jukeboxes" made from Sambo-style penny banks and a wearable "bootyball" that generates and harnesses electric power. This work builds on Bass’s exploration of images of black women in popular media, commercial hip-hop, and financial transactions between the artist and viewer.
Pool Deck, west. 12pm - 5pm

> Chuck Agubokwu Icarus - Cross Adams (Triptych) see description above.
Pool Deck, south west. 12pm.

DAILY, throughout the FAIR: various times:

> Nathan Manuel and D. BillyManifresh Destiny This is a performance-based installation in which the ideals of America’s westward expansion and our adventurous nature are remembered and recapitulated through karaoke. Participants will be invited to sing on stage to the full experience of viewing the lyric monitors that display a video work that recounts the great American journey.
Lower Level