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Run Run Run, 2010 Acrylic On Paper 25 X 25 Cm © Courtesy of the artist & Gallery EXIT

3/F, Blue Box Factory Building
25 Hing Wo Street, Tin Wan, Aberdeen
Hong Kong
September 17th, 2011 - October 15th, 2011
Opening: September 17th, 2011 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Tue-Sat 11-6
works on paper painting


Gallery EXIT presents absent-minded, the first solo exhibition of Firenze Lai with the gallery. A selection of 15 works on paper from 2006 - 2011 will be on view. These drawings are formed by re-interpreting the idea of a portrait, a garden scene, playground or a sport activity in unfamiliar ways with emphases on the constructive and expressive role accorded to color and shade. At first sight the images may look comforting and innocent, but Lai hints that "what you see is not the reality but a desolate garden". The blurry faces and bleak sceneries slowly transport the viewer to a shadowland where the unbearable weight of daily living infuses the air, as if the lines and colors are muttering a broken song, finding the words to the next melody.

Run Run Run depicts three figures' continuous attempts to break away. The runners are strapped to an unknown origin by sinewy elastic belts. Their awkward postures suggest fatigue, as if all efforts to escape are futile. Much like the Fauves, Lai's use of idiosyncratic color combinations is directed by her spontaneous emotions towards the subject matter. In striking contrast is Contour (#3), where tenuous ink lines are employed to portray emotions. In this work, the man looks absent minded, while a coarse oval encircling his facial features. Lai takes inspiration from her daily encounters in this metropolis, from sightings of eccentric individuals to scenes she witnesses on the streets. Though the places in her drawings are unrecognizable, her works are psychological landscapes of the muted sentiments in Hong Kong.

Firenze Lai graduated from the Hong Kong Art School with a focus in painting. Her drawings regularly appear in a column on psychology in Ming Pao Weekly.

Gallery EXIT安全口畫廊將呈獻黎清妍的個人展覽《恍惚》,展出15幅由 2006 至 2011 年的紙本作品。其繪畫將人像、花園、公園及體育活動的常態重新演繹,重點是運用色調和光影附有的結構性塑造整體氣氛。瞥眼看,黎氏繪出的景像是天真的、溫存的,但藝術家提醒觀者:「你所眼見的並非真實世界,而是一座荒涼孤寂的花園。」模糊的臉和灑淅的情景慢慢地把觀眾帶到一個惚恍的境地。在那裏,現實生活的沈重彌漫著空氣,尤如畫面的線條和色彩在輕唱著一首斷斷續續的歌。

《跑跑跑》描繪三個被橡膠帶捆綁的人,從一個不明的起點上,竭力地嘗試逃跑。他們的彆扭姿勢映出他們的疲倦,仿如一切為逃脫而付出的努力都變得枉然。 像野獸派的藝術家,黎氏對畫中主題不經琢磨的感受引導所用的特殊顏色配搭。 對比之下,《輪廓 (#3)》卻是著重用線條來傳達情緒。脆弱的線條描繪一個男子的頭,精神恍惚,目光呆滞,被一個粗糙的圓形圈著他的臉。黎氏的題材來自城市裡的日常生活,從偶然觀察到的奇怪人物到街上遇見的事和物。雖然畫中的時間地點是無法識別,黎清妍的作品卻藏著一股沈默的思緒,恍惚是香港的心靈詮釋。