Michael Alan's Living Installation - "The Wedding/Vampire Circus"

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Michael Alan's Living Installation - "The Wedding/Vampire Circus"

156 Rivington Street
New York, NY 10002
September 16th, 2011 9:00 PM - 3:00 AM

east village/lower east side
Sundays 2:00 - 5:00pm Wed & Thrs 4:00 -7:00pm
installation, performance, figurative
$17 online / $20 at the door


Michael Alan’s Living Installation

Special Event! A Double Feature! 6 Hours-2 Shows!

The Wedding / Vampire Circus

Friday September 16th | 9PM – 3AM

ABC No Rio Gallery
156 Rivington Street | New York, NY 10002
B/W Clinton & Suffolk

Tickets $17 online, $20 at the door

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What will happen when 6 performers act out 2 shows at the same time? The music, smell, sounds, will blend, the stories merge, the energy will build. The DJ, Michael Alien mixing the material will enter both installations and change his costume in the middle of the space, then change the story in whichever space he enters. One side is The Wedding, a marriage of man who will be not a man, and his love turned backwards. Adjacent is the Vampire Circus, a moving carnival of happy eaters. This is a 6-hour energy mix. We do this because the opposite is needed. Be a part of this harmonious juxtaposition of energy! We live now!

What is Michael Alan’s Living Installation? You have to come experience it silly, the Internet can only do so much. Disconnect is all around us, come meet in the middle of the world, blankets, pillows, and toys on the floor, lay back and enjoy your experience.


The Living Installation is life installed in a space.  Enter into a raw space and within 6 hours it will be transformed into a living installation.  This is an invitation to enter into a 6-hour experience.  During the installation, you are free to come, go, and experience as you choose.  Be creative or be a viewer.  It is a positive art machine, and it is a chance to escape into a new world.  Time is slowed, asking you to be present and to watch the unpredictable development of creation.  The installation will be built from every material Alan can access.  As he builds onto the human body, they perform and merge with the space. 


All different kinds of people come together to experience this break in time.  It is the convergence of these people that creates a dynamic alliance.  Viewers are not seen as audience members, but as a part of the formation of this free, intellectual community.  The living installation redefines the elements of art, space, the role of the artist, community, the audience, the use of space, and the body.  Take the freedom to view it as you please.


Disconnect is all around us.  It is my hope that artists, poets, sculptors, doctors, presidents, baseball players, children, people, everyone, will come and gather for this 6 hour long happening, this positive art machine.

*Performers*: Dave-Vamp-Dello, Dylan Morgan, Iurro, Kim DeVille, Michael Alien, Miss Suzie Q., and Raquel Mavecq 

*Music* by Emil B. Nasty, Jarvis Earnshaw, Michael Alien, Tim “Love” Lee

*Assisted by* Emily Colucci 

*Stage Manager*: Teddi Rogers

*Sponsored by*: Da Vinci Artist Supply and Print Mor