Michael Alan's Living Installation - "Where The Wild Things Are"

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Michael Alan's Living Installation - "Where The Wild Things Are"

993a Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
August 6th, 2011 9:00 PM - 2:00 AM

installation, performance, surrealism
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Michael Alan's Living Installation
"Where the Wild Things Are"
@ Kenny Scharf's Cosmic Cavern
Saturday, August 6th 9pm-2am

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A kid has a dream and goes to an amazing, unimaginable island. That kid is you, and he/she gets lost constantly. Everything is new. Come rediscover the redefinition of reality at Kenny Scharf's Cosmic Cavern on Saturday,
August 6th.  Michael Alan will build 7 human beings into a living breathing fairytale. Those 7 will become a living installation within Kenny's living installation. Living Installation + Living Installation = x

This is a special birthday celebration/performance/installation for michael alan. 7 of Alan's best performers will be planted, refigured and transformed, built from every material imaginable into the space.  It is a reinterpretation of "Where
the Wild Things Are."  Meet Tree People, baby ships, glow in the dark monster skeletons, thingamabobs, and most of all, things we can't explain unless you come see it. The environment is covered in dark-day glow-it's all blacklite, so dress up and be a part. Legs will turn to trees, faces into abstract shapes, and arms into ladders.

Kenny Scharf's Cosmic Cavern is a unique living piece of installation, built from Kenny's wild and vivid imagination.  The Cavern is a living, 3 dimensional, Scharf dancing painting.  It is happy! Fun! and Mega….If you have
only seen photos it's time to come out to this loving space!

What is Michael Alan's Living Installation?  You have to come Experience it silly, the internet can only do so much.

Michael Alan's Living Installation:
The Living Installation is life installed in a space.  Enter into a space and within 5 hours it will be transformed into a living, breathing environment. This is an invitation to enter into a five hour experience.  During the installation, you are free to come, go, and experience as you choose.  Be creative or be a voyeur. It is a positive art machine, and it is a chance to escape into a live movie.  Time is slowed, asking you to be present and to watch the unpredictable development of creation.  The installation is built from every material Alan can access. As he builds onto the human body, the bodies merge with the space.

Performers: Dave-Glo-Dello, Michael Alien, Theresa Magario™, Raquel Mavecq, Nick Greenwald, Dylan Morgan, and Kim DeVille
Music by Michael Alien and Jarvis Earnshaw
Video in the back by Worm Carnevale
Assisted by Teddi Rogers
Sponsored by: Crest Hardware, Print Mor NYC, Halloween adventure

Michael Alan