Summer Show

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Flora, 2010 Mixed Media: Acrylic,Lace, Buttons, Porcelain And Resin On Wood 78 X 42 Inches
Summer Show
Curated by: Trinidad Fombella

541 W 25th Street
2nd floor
New York, NY 10001
July 28th, 2011 - September 10th, 2011
Opening: July 28th, 2011 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Tuesday- Saturday 10 am-6pm


Praxis International Art is pleased to present a summer group exhibition

featuring works by Firelei Baez, David Antonio Cruz, Guerra de la Paz,

Nina Surel, and Nancy Saleme. In addition, A special show titled Cool

Breeze by Cecile Chong is on view in the Project Room.


This year’s summer show is filled with a variety of works of all different

mediums.  Intricate patterns, diverse textures and the use of color,

transparency and glossy finishes make the work of these artists exquisite

and amusing.


Intertwined fabrics are suspended in an apparent empty space, oil

drippings and collaged paper, flowers, buttons and clay, characterize the

physical structure of the work of David Antonio Cruz and Nina Surel. The

Miami-based duo Guerra de la Paz also resorts to the use of fabrics.

Recycled clothing is the medium of choice to explore the manipulation of

textiles that breathe new life to these rescued remains. The properties of

fibers, yarn and dies in textile design, are translated to wood, resin,

pencil, and stickers by Nancy Saleme. Similarly, Firelei Baez evokes

popular traditions of the Caribbean in a delicate use of gouache,

watercolor, and thin lines of ink on paper in beautifully painted



In the Project Room, the visual and tactile quality of Cecile Chong’s

children’s book scenes made of several layers of encaustic is distinctive.

The artist uses gold leaf, rice paper, and pigments that have come from

all over the world. Nature is depicted as a meeting place for all

cultures, and parts from circuit boards that are inserted in the work,

also convey that people meet through technology.


For the Chelsea Art Walk reception on July 28th we will be joined by

Brazilian artist Priscila De Carvalho. The artist will engage in a

conversation about her most recent works with gallery visitors.