Read The Rules Before You Use The Pool

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Read The Rules Before You Use The Pool

107 Suffolk St.
New York, NY 10002
August 18th, 2011 - August 28th, 2011
Opening: August 18th, 2011 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

east village/lower east side
(212) 260-4080
Main Office: Mon-Fri 10am to 6pm. Abrazo Interno Gallery: open daily, 3:30pm to 7pm (during exhibitions only) and by appointment.


Rules can be defined as a prescribed guide for conduct or action. In life, rules are often prescribed to us, but we find the exceptions, break and even make new rules constantly. They become the foundation of any structure and are a major part of game design, spiritual practice and instruction. This exhibition of multidisciplinary projects questions, our perception and the necessary process of the construction and deconstruction of rules. Some projects are built for others to engage with. While other works pay homage to them, bounce off and/or find ways around the rules.

WHEN August 18-28, 2011
Monday-Friday 3:30PM-7:30PM
Opening August 18 from 6PM-8PM

Ryan Brennan’s Living Exercises are an on going performance
project based on a series of instructions to be done sometimes
privately or publicly aimed to broaden ones perspective
personally and socially.

Elias Necol Melad grew up in rural New Hampshire
where he was nurtured through board games, baseball, band
saws and crossword puzzles.  He attended the Maryland Institute,
College of Art where he studied Illustration and Painting with
Warren Linn.

Robert Heel is an audiovisual artist, VJ and electronic musician,
working in the fields of video and sound design, installation,
audiovisual live performance, VJ-ing and music production.

Luna Maurer is an artist and designer from Holland. Poly-luna is
the design practice by Luna Maurer. She forms part of the
Conditonal Design Collective. Read the manifesto and visit the
platform at

Graw Boeckler We see our role as artists not only in producing
artefacts but also in designing the way they are consumed
respectively distributed. We invented a set up to present films and
a virtual space called “Raum für Projektion” (space for projection)

Antonio Serna is an artist living and working in New York. With art as a tool, he is constantly comparing and contrasting the human construct of progress with the animal instinct of survival. The results of which have been exhibited in New York, Spain, Mexico, Amsterdam, and Texas. Antonio has also taught and lectured at Parsons School of Design, St. Johns University, and at Brooklyn College as a teaching fellow. Outside of his studio, Antonio Serna enjoys rummaging through the social anthropology of art and visual culture via vizKult.

This event is part of the Index Festival (August 3-28, 2011)
The Index Festival will transpire in August 2011 in New York City. Our aim is to bring together individuals and groups who cognitively engage media culture. We welcome the interdisciplinary, shared and accessible culture we are coming to live in as a result of digital technology.  Our mission is to focus on projects that blur the vocabulary of science and art, dissect the media that describes our culture today, and to disseminate out from the [cultural] institution, and further into the multi textural international landscape.