Cordially Yours

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Cordially Yours

722 Metropolitan Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
July 8th, 2011 - August 14th, 2011
Opening: July 8th, 2011 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Open weekends 12-6pm or by appointment
mixed-media, conceptual, sculpture


NEW YORK –  As artists we all hope that our carefully selected portfolios and painstakingly written emails to art galleries may some day be considered, or even looked at. 

At Camel Art Space we decided to not only consider every submission we received, but to put our favorites in a group show all their own.  We are therefore proud to offer Cordially Yours, a group show of 7 artists selected by Camel Art Space from portfolio submissions received over the past year.

Artists: Tom Engel, Dominik Halmer (Ger.), Monika Malewska, William O'Neill (Ire.), Joey Parlett, Jillian Ross (Can.), Liam Wylie (Can.)

'Cordially Yours,' 'Kind Regards,' 'Sincerely Yours,' 'Best Regards'...These are the closings to the letters we received for requests to be considered for showing in our exhibition space. Before these endings were written, the writers revealed their hopes and aspirations to be part of an artistic scene of emerging peers.  To be selected out of a multitude of artists all vying for that same spot on the wall; to be given an additional stile up the ladder of their artistic careers is every artist's ambition.

Even though the chance ratio of being selected by a gallery through online submissions is rather slim, it has still undoubtedly become a standard practice for many artists to keep sending out their work for consideration. At Camel Art Space, we feel it a dutiful part of our programming to look at these submissions and try to do something with them. Last year we invited everyone who had sent work for consideration to participate in our group show On the Grid. This year we decided to make a careful selection that amounts to an exhibition of national and international talent that we present as cordially being yours to discover.


Camel Art PROJECT Space:

Kerry Law’s  ‘ Empire States ‘
A solo installation of multiple paintings of the same iconic image painted over time.

Camel Art Space is an Artist operated exhibition Space with a focus on current trends in art within a not for profit work frame, is a member of Williamsburg Gallery Association and is participating in 2:nd Friday Art Walk. Situated in one of New York’s artistically richest neighborhoods we strive to provide an accessible exhibition platform and meeting venue for artists, curators and audience alike.