Temporary Antumbra Zone

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© Courtesy of Janet Kurnatowski Gallery
Temporary Antumbra Zone
Curated by: Udora Hajimik

205 Norman Ave
New York, NY 11222
June 3rd, 2011 - June 26th, 2011
Opening: June 3rd, 2011 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Summer Hours Sat & Sun 1-6 pm
photography, video-art, sculpture


The art world experienced a caesura in the 1960s when the paradigm of the artist, working in solitary fashion, was taken apart by the advent of collaborative art. Through collaboration, the definition of what art was, and how it could be produced, shifted. No longer was the cult of the artist, producing a singular vision understood to be the only viable artistic model. Instead, this now re-evaluated model began to generate questions about authenticity, authorship,audience and methodology. Such collaborative projects as those executed by Gilbert and George, Martin Kippenberger and Albert Oehlen, Jeanne Claude and Christo, and Marina Abramovic and Ulay were instrumental in the development of such major evolutions in conceptual art as Body Art, Systems Art, Earth Art, and Performance Art.

 The artists in Temporary Antumbra Zone have come together, collaborating through the lenses of painting, photography, video, and mixed media sculpture to promote collaboration as an invaluable mode of artistic production.

Despite the diversity of media that Temporary Antumbra Zone displays, the artists are all united against the clichés of sole authorship in art, in favor of the possibilities for expression that occur in the zone of collaboration. Inspiration comes at temporary moments, often during gatherings of people at differing times and places, but there’s not one set idea of where this moment will take
place. The idea of collaborating with another artist also comes out of this notion of temporality or not knowing; it happens when you are least expecting it. The artists in Temporary Antumbra Zone have kept the notion of collaborating open-ended and multiplicitous.

Inspired by Rrose Selavy, the pseudonym Marcel Duchamp gave himself during his collaborations with Man Ray, The nineteen artist pairs have each adopted pseudonyms of their own as a way of addressing the idea of authorship of their work, they are listed below. Each pair will be contributing one to two pieces of their collaborative work.

-Udora Hajimik (6/3/11)