Overlays: works by Madden and Radwell

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August Vines, 2009 Beeswax And Thread On Paper 7.5 X 9.5 Inches © Madden
Berlin Walls 2.1.1, 2011 Archival Pigment Print © Radwell
The Geometry of Interaction, 2010 Archival Pigment Print 17 X 20 Inches
Mexican Memories Archival Pigment Print © deWitt
Overlays: works by Madden and Radwell
Curated by: Karen Davis

114 Warren St.
Hudson, NY 12534
May 13th, 2011 - June 19th, 2011
Opening: May 14th, 2011 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

other (outside main areas)
Fri thru Sun - Noon to 6 PM and by appointment
photography, mixed-media


Batik Weeds, Mixed Media by Amy Madden
Hudson and Brooklyn artist Amy Madden creates intricate, tactile works in “Batik Weeds” through a labor-intensive process where history and complexity are built up – always allowing chance to play a role.

Inspired by both contemporary feminist artists and practitioners of traditional domestic arts, in this series of small works she handprints flora onto paper; makes rubbings of textured surfaces, layers and scrapes beeswax, applies washes of color; overlays patterns and forms to define space and finally adds sewing by hand or machine. The intimate size of these paintings, the use of traditional feminine practices such as embroidery and the use of thread, wax and tacks add to the delicacy and tactility of each piece.

Impressions of Berlin & Other Works, Photo-based Abstracts by Laura Radwell
Laura Radwell’s attention is drawn to strangely poignant variations in color and geometry found in the surface deterioration of common objects.  “The work begins when I photograph, for instance, corroded metal, textured tree bark, chipping paint—aspects of the world that point to imperfection and impermanence.”

From these photographs, she creates a palette, layering them as if applying colors from 
tubes of paint. The images begin to lose their literal quality and are transformed into abstractions that invite the viewer to suspend habitual perception. Something imagined is created out of something real.

PortfolioX2 - Overlays photographs
The Davis Orton Gallery introduces a new gallery initiative, portfolioX2 (portfolio times 2) that combines electronic and hands-on portfolio presentations by two photographers, selected through competition.