TRANSIT/STASIS: Negotiating Movement in the City

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TRANSIT/STASIS: Negotiating Movement in the City

800 Chestnut St.
(between Jones and Leavenworth)
94133 San Francisco

April 25th, 2011 - April 30th, 2011
Opening: April 27th, 2011 5:30 PM - 10:00 PM

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415.771.7020 ext. 4410
Sun-Sat 9am- 5pm
San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI)
digital, sculpture, photography, mixed-media, installation, performance, conceptual


San Francisco Art Institute presents

TRANSIT/STASIS: Negotiating Movement in the City


A project of the 2011 MA Collaborative

featuring an exhibition, publication and public programs

about art and its intersection with urban modes of transit.

(San Francisco, CA – February 25, 2011) The San Francisco Art Institute’s 2011 MA Collaborative Project is pleased to announce its project TRANSIT/STASIS: Negotiating Movement in the City. In late 2010, the MA Collaborative sent out an open call encouraging artists to examine the space of negotiation between transit and stasis as a productive territory for conceptual inquiry and physical interventions. After reviewing submissions from artists across the globe, five proposals were selected to be commissioned for inclusion in a publication and an exhibition at the historic Diego Rivera Gallery on the main campus.

Although the selected artists are from points across the globe, their newly commissioned projects all respond to the way people move through the urban core of San Francisco. The anonymous members of Resonant City (Bay Area), responding to the functionality of the new Clipper Card, collected ephemera and documentation from their travels along the transit lines that connect the Bay Area, and propose a new, more efficient and centralized transit system. Nick Bastis (Chicago)organized an ambitious scavenger hunt with internationally based artists leading a team of SF-ers using Google Maps and calling cards as the only means of directions. Artist/curator Christen Sperry-Garcia (Los Angeles)recruited a crew of local dancers for Maps, Nodes and Networks, to enact a daylong performance comprised of taking various forms of transit to a site and then recreating their routes with string in a condensed space. Aram Bartholl (Berlin) continues his international project, dead drops, by installing USB drives across San Francisco to facilitate digital sharing through location-based digital interaction. Julie Cloutier (San Francisco) intends to heighten our awareness of the sidewalks we tread by replacing rocks that she’s accumulated throughout San Francisco with pencil drawings of those rocks that are returned to the original collection site.

The exhibition and publication will feature documentation and ephemera from the enacted projects.

San Francisco Art Institute MA Collaborative 2011: Allison Blomerth, Heatherly Born, Pam Campanaro, Frida Cano, Kim Cook, Melina De Hoyos, Emily Dippo, E. Maude Haak-Frendscho, Charlotte Miller, Casey Mouton, Karl Nelson, Ian Paul, Claudia Schidlow. Instructor: Meg Shiffler.

Participating Artists: Aram Bartholl, Julie Cloutier, Resonant City, Christen Sperry-Garcia

Location: San Francisco Art Institute, 800 Chestnut Street
Public Reception: Wednesday, April 27, (panel discussion in the lecture hall 5:30 – 6:30pm, reception in the courtyard 6:30 – 10pm
Exhibition Dates: Monday, April 25- Saturday, April 30, 2011, Diego Rivera Gallery, SFAI

Press Contact: Charlotte Miller: (415) 601-0023, (

San Francisco Art Institute
800 Chestnut Street
San Francisco, CA 94109