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Theoretical Icon, 2007 Pigment Print Wth Acrylic Wash And Over Printing 98 X89"

500 W 22nd ST
New York, NY 10011
March 3rd, 2011 - April 3rd, 2011
Opening: March 3rd, 2011 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Tues.-Fri 1-7pm, Sat. 12-7pm, Sun. 1-5pm, Mon. CLOSED
photography, conceptual


CATM chelsea and Fund Art Now have the honor of premiering John Michael Rusnak's Duplicitous Icons.

Emotional life-long trauma inflicted by seminary education and the always present question of sexuality and the guilt associated with self gratification has had a superfluous hold on Man since the dawn of time. The idea of enjoyment without payment in equal and opposite hardship is ideology that has had a stranglehold on all societies. The idea of purpose without the consideration of insignificance , Man's self-determined grandness of existence, belies a false confidence.

We approach iconographic imagery with extreme caution as icons imply idolatry which in turn suggests upheaval of accepted societal norms. The idea of ambiguity in disciplined doctrines of religion, Christianity in particular, has for centuries been relied upon. The idea of belief and the acknowledgment of factual oversight, in the name of Faith, has been the foundation for such institutions. It is indeed a twisted, complicated scope of individualism contained into conformity.

We ask why, with our present understanding of the world, do we act in cowardice when it comes to religious iconography. Why, when knowledge challenges 2000 year old doctrine, we choose the latter? We live in a world where earth-shattering revelations are occurring more prevalently than during any other time in history since the birth of Christ, from new life forms to the visualization of afterlife.

What John Michael Rusnak has done through his work is to create anew, providing awe-inspiring imagery that commands one to stop in one's path and experience the very root of spirituality. It is not the "Theoretical Icon" that we worship, but the physical embodiment of being one and the same. With the realization that all are connected in an inexplicable and unifying human experience, Rusnak's work transcends definition and demands attention.

Rusnak has recently been selected to open the first ever UNESCO event to be held in Cuba in 2013. His upcoming project, El Temor de Nostalgia , Fear of Nostalgia will be the highlight of their opening ceremonies.