Black Painting

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Sikuanekua Jembe Appapa P_N (Nombre completo de Sikan), 2010 Mixed Media On Canvas © Alrxis Mendoza
Black Painting

508 - 42 street
Union City, NJ 07087
January 28th, 2011 - February 23rd, 2011
Opening: January 28th, 2011 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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BLACK PAINTING: AFRO-CUBAN ABSTRACTION: Black Painting, the style and the term was established in Cuba in the 1950’s by Guido Llinas a prominent Cuban abstract painter, printmaker and member of the Eleven Group. Alexis Mendoza’s studies on Black Painting are based on Llinas’ philosophy and creations, metaphorically find it’s based on the overlapping and the transition of colors were black it’s not the predominant color but rather the idea of this colors use in the Afro-Cuban practices and rituals.  

A general characteristic of Mendoza’s "black painting" is the use of three predominant colors with emblematic function, as in Abakud drawing, where yellow signifies "life", white "death"; or as in Santeria, where every Orisha is defined by a color. Needless to say that black is used as color, not as a mere background, even if it is not necessarily present in "Black Painting", because the rhythmic or compositional aspect is primordial. “Black Painting”, an exhibition were the representation of color is use as tool, a tool used Alexis Mendoza for the last 20 years, the result turned out to be a revelation of temporal awareness, a simple way of reviling bi-dimensionality in painting. The color blending led the way from the link between painting and time and toward the physical immediacy of the pictorial plane. In this show Mendoza also celebrate the work of anthropology Cuban writes and ethnographers  such as: Fernando Ortiz, Lidia Cabrera and Alejo Carpentier.   Create artworks with transcultural references which perhaps should be regarded as literary, creating complicated dramas that are connected to many contemporary issues. Alexis Mendoza’s creations are packed with imaginative gesture of absent figures, actions, and invisible landscape to assist in claiming place and moment. In the past, questioning both the role of color communication in contemporary life and his particular role as a contemporary artist and I found many answers in a personal search for the best way to communicate in his painting.
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Born/Nace: 1972, Havana City, Cuba