An illustration of X ray-man’s body

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An illustration of X ray-man’s body
Curated by: Ellen Gochnour

December 26th, 2010 - January 27th, 2011

Griffith University



Depiction of an illustration of X ray-man’s body

Written by Luping Zeng 27/05/2010

The series of “a mysterious man body through the X ray” is inspired from my drawing lecturer, Ian Friend’s work. Last class we had was very fortunate as we visited Ian’s studio again, then he demonstrated his techniques with ink, and introduced variety materials that can be used to create different effects. This entire time was interesting and exciting. When I went back home, I was really motivated because I excited my heart. Therefore, the improvisation of innovation ink work was produced, with enthusiastic emotions.

Relevant the contents of produced showed the man’s body through X ray, the aspects used from my life-drawing which they were from the class work- nude man. The conceptual understanding is from Tai chi, which is the emblem of Chinese tradition, and means recycle, and showing the flow and movement in the universe. As life signifies movement, and movements generate life, it’s expressed of recycle as a logical of object in cosmos’s universe. The painting also used the effective X ray to show man’s physical movement, such as cellular recycle, and blood movement which the ink shape show man’s clay,  the dots indicate the nerve centre point of body, the pencil color lines signifier the bloodline system, and the semiotic arrows means the motion of cell range. These factors used the process of composition that they are throughout the effect of X ray, that highlighted them. It would be showing unexpected new vision image.

The media used for the paintings were Chinese ink and 300 gsm (CP/R) paper. The effect created unexpected textures. The British craftsmen color pencil used to create fineness lines and arrows within the work.

In this semester, I learned some new art concept and intuition philosophy. Ian Friend is a great contemporary artist and excellent educator. Here I say thank you Mr. Friend, this is my appreciation.