"Expectations" exhibition - Celeste Prize Dec 11-13

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Gasoline Pump, 2010 70x50cm
The First Time We Kissed, 2010 Video 7 Minutes51 Seconds
Little Boy, 2008 Photography 105x70cm
Julia, 11, 2008 100x100x6cm
Yellow Chamber, 2008 Variable © Liz West
Déjà-vu, 2010 30x21cm
Equilibrio Funk, 2010 35x180x70cm
Synchronicity 3, 2009 180x180cm
Lasting Video 4 Minutes31 Seconds
"Expectations" exhibition - Celeste Prize Dec 11-13
Curated by: Manon Slome

51 Bergen St
Brooklyn, NY 11201
December 11th, 2010 - December 13th, 2010
Opening: December 11th, 2010 4:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Thurs-Sun 12-5PM
public art photography mixed-media digital installation video-art conceptual, modern, sculpture


The exhibition Expectations represents one facet of the Celeste Prize: the opportunity to submit proposals for a thematic exhibition. This show is particularly relevant to No Longer Empty’s mission to both broaden the field of artists who exhibit in international settings and bring art to a wider community.

The Celeste Prize is an international contemporary art prize that democratically allows international artists to bring their work to the view of renowned curators without the process of studio visits. A visit to the  affiliated exhibition—Expectations-- offers an opportunity for members of your institution to become familiar with the democratic model on which both No Longer Empty and the Celeste Prize operate. Please join us to see the quality product that emerges and to learn about opportunities that your membership may be interested in.

The culmination of the 2010 Celeste Prize includes the work ten artists selected for venues in both Berlin and New York City. In the New York iteration of Expectations, No Longer Empty’s goal is to convey the curatorial concept:

Expectations is conceived as an exhibition that uses the image less for purposes of representation than as a tool for setting something into motion - whether it be action, emotion, a state of being or becoming. Works selected will convey a sense that the image leads beyond the scope of the painting or photograph, that the moment we see in the frame is just the frozen predicament before what will happen next. The whole idea of anticipation is that it is open ended, looking forward instead of to the past.  In essence, the curatorial intention is to be liberating. Expectations creates a fitting challenge for artists who have entered a juried prize and for an economic and political climate where boundaries of the expected are continually being challenged.

Please join us at the exhibition and round table discussion with the artists and curator Manon Slome on December 12th at 2 pm to interact with the works of new contemporary artists, the product of a democratic submission, and the possibility to question the boundaries of current “expectations.” No Longer Empty would value your attendance and contribution to this dialogue.