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Periphery. The same freestanding sculpture as shown in light (left) and in darkness (right)., 2009 Urethane, Luminescence, And Color Pigment 6" X 5" X 6.5" © Courtesy of the Artist and Frank Pictures Gallery

2525 Michigan Ave. A5
Santa Monica, CA 90404
November 12th, 2010 - January 5th, 2011
Opening: December 5th, 2010 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

santa monica/venice
(310) 828-0211


Laurie Frank invites you with great pleasure to:

Ron Reihel


Ron Reihel grew up on boats, scanning the horizon on the waters off the Bahamas and the Florida Keys. These early visual experiences have deeply influenced his work, as it examines the depth and gravity of light. His study of atmospheric form began while a student at Otis. Since then, he has worked with a variety of mediums including bronze, rawhide and automotive finishes which later evolved into the luminescent optical urethane sculptures that he has been developing for the past 12 years. Reihel's sculptures continuously dance between absorption and reflection and are engendered with a sense of internal power. His pieces are modern magical aspects of the natural world underlining the very essence of how color shapes our perception and elicits an emotional response. In his work, issues of the foreground, middle ground and background engage with an architectural insinuation based on classical landscape painting. Reihel breaks his mutating landscapes down to their essential academic possibilities, reinterpreting them to form a minimalism in his quest for a visual infinity. Through his process the work becomes a spiritual practice, a meditation on the quality of time itself, a theme threaded throughout the history of art, as Reihel stands on the shoulders of giants like James Turrell, Robert Irwin and Douglas Wheeler to take his place on the logical next step beyond the L.A. Light & Space Movement. Based on his infusion of phosphorescence, Reihel's sculptures have a distinct palate when seen in light, and entirely different, constantly changing colors when challenged by darkness.

This is Ron Reihel's third show at Frank Pictures. He has exhibited at Ace Gallery, Grand Central Gallery in Santa Ana, the Museum of Art and Design, Heather James Fine Art, Artworks Gallery, and the Peter Blake Gallery. He was chosen by Visa as one of the groundbreaking artists for their "Life Takes Expression" campaign and was chosen by Lexus to transform a Lexus SC into a dynamic sculpture for L/Studio Landscape 360.

"An outline for time is how I interpret the definition and the intricacies of a CYCLE. We all immediately associate this as a time scale of predictable and tangible realities that are always constant that most of us really never notice unless something occurs to disrupt the flow of continuity. We all are subjected and exist with the same amount of days in a year, and hours in a day, but depending on what part of the earth you live on will determine a different set of physical cycles one will experience.

I asked my daughter, Electra, what her favorite time of year was, she said winter. I asked why? She said it was just a feeling. I was reaffirmed as to the point I am trying to share, is that one, feelings are directly related and influenced by the notion of a cycle and the memories mined through association from experiences. This sets up my interest in the value of a CYCLE and the discovery of trying to gain a better insight into understanding how they affect us. Every living organism has a cycle, which is to say that time determines how many cycles occur and the duration of the cycle.

Now the obvious nucleus to the equation of a cycle is light and the absence of it. Light is the manager of all things on Earth. It is the God of Continuance. Everything is connected and influenced by light. Creations, growth, maturity, turbulence, chaos and dormancy. I believe my work extols all these qualities at some point from inception to completion. The finally contemplation. The fact that the work actually cycles visually is a hidden bonus for the viewer who in natural light for the first time has no idea the work has an alter ego. Ironically in the light the two cycles are coexisting. I believe you can feel the coexistence of light and color with your eyes, you just can't see it until the lights go out revealing a completely new and different cycle to contemplate while still connected physically.

In my opinion the work is just part of cycle in my life that reinforces the value of the intricacies and the importance of the space between things meaning the process in which things exist physically and emotionally. As well as the nurturing involved in managing what can be learned by recognizing and understanding one's own cycles. The past is gone and all experience from it led us here, right now." -Ron Reihel

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