Roisin Byrne

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Roisin Byrne

526 West 26th Street
#502 A
New York, New York 10001
November 18th, 2010 - November 18th, 2010
Opening: November 18th, 2010 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Thursday - Sunday 12pm to 6pm






Opens  Thursday,  November  18th,  6pm  to  9pm

( with  Clifford Borress,  Uta Istok,  Yves Sauriol  )
Goldenie Brown, 2010

Throughout the months of April, May and June 2010 the artist R. Byrne became besotted with the idea of being a piece of work. Presenting herself to the highly acclaimed Mr. Santiago Sierra, inquiring after a work of his from 2000, Byrne traveled immediately to Spain. A work was removed a transfer made and Byrne came home transformed, 2010.

1x 20 cm black tattooed line removed from the back of one of the original 4 women used by Sierra in 2000 for 160cm line tattooed on the back of 4 people; 1 x 20 cm black tattooed line applied by Chus of Moo Tattoo Salamanca - the original tattooist for 160 cm line tattooed on the back of 4 people - 2000; flight documents; hotel receipt for The Ritz Madrid; book; correspondence


Roisin Byrne text 001, by Damien Crisp

Theft of commodities is prosecuted absolutely. It is a stigma like murder. The thief earns the guilt of a capitalist body and stretched across its skin, the skin of the capitalist body, the thief is a wanted poster and the wanted poster is a dedication to the desire of the theft.

Theft is a break in an authoritarian, or authored, message broadcast from institutions and corporations into the ear of a consumer citizen.

Satire is theft.

An artist who steals when there is too much work for storage, when we are blinded by replications eating our eyes and wasting time on the fresh block of a granite department store, is a satirist and something else: the delivered opposite of culture's value divided between economic presence in an art object and a professional seal marking commercially viable artists as authoritarian voices (or solid investments).

Pass the commercial art world's insistence on the belief in the possibility of theft. Let art objects become words in an ill ordered system, become interchanged in your subjectivity and you can, you should, steal from a commercial gallery, from a famous artist's studio, from powerful collector's home.

Art belongs to the broad fractured thought of culture. After your interior revolution against the idea of theft, you can live without this authoritarian message.


Thursday  through  Sunday,  12pm  to  6pm

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