In Anticipation

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April 28th, 2009 - April 28th, 2009
Opening: April 28th, 2009 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Mon-Sun 9:30-5:30 (office)
San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI)


In the Fall of 2008, during the formation of In Anticipation, the major social, political and economic shifts occurring were impossible to ignore. The world watched intently as the economic recession became global, leaving many jobless and homeless, the urgency of the earth's environmental condition became irrefutable, and here in the United States the tangible desire for political change resulted in the most historic presidential election in generations. Uncertainty left many longing to make sense of the future and to speculate about the unknown.

As a response to these suspenseful circumstances, In Anticipation is a collaboration that reflects the condition of anticipation by developing a closer engagement with multi-media proposals and unrealized works by Elizabeth Axtman, Fang Lu, Jillian Mcdonald, Aernout Mik and Kamau Amu Patton. In order to address significant aspects within this contemporary moment, each artist was commissioned to engage with one of five interrelated inquiries that belong to both art discourse and other spheres of experience. These inquiries are titled as Question of Truth, Friction, Metamorphosis, Re-enactments, and Alternate Realities and dually function to activate a deeper understanding of the artists' practice as well.

The provocative ideas contained in each sub-theme and the outcome of the proposals hinge on the viewer's imagination and participation. Through three interconnected sites including a website, a live event, and limited edition artist prints, each artist proposal is given a suggestive space where the project can engage the viewer in the act of making predictions without any promise of resolution. While In Anticipation is largely situated in the realm of the unknown, the entire project is intended to mirror the multiple states of anticipation that persist as conditions of the present time.