"Welcome to MyHouse"

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"Welcome to MyHouse"
Curated by: Marni Kotak

306 Suydam Street
Brooklyn, NY 11237
November 14th, 2010 12:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Opening: November 7th, 2010 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

by appointment


Over 20 Artists Transform Performance Artist Marni Kotak’s Home into a Living Art Space for Bushwick Beta Spaces, Brunch Served to the Public

Exhibition Time: Sun., Nov. 14, 12-7pm, Brunch at 2pm with Live Performance to FollowLocation: MyHouse, 306 Suydam Street, Apt. 1L, Brooklyn, NY

(Brooklyn, NY – November 2, 2010)On November 14th, 2010, for the annual Beta Spaces arts festival in Bushwick, Brooklyn, over 20 artists will transform Marni Kotak’s home into a living art zone in the inaugural exhibition of the space titled Welcome to MyHouse. The project is an experiment in the use of personal living space as the site for the on-going creation and exhibition of art, developing from Kotak’s on-going body of work about her everyday life and her sincere belief that human life itself is the most profound work of art.  In conjunction with the show, Kotak will be serving brunch at 2pm (open to the public), followed by a live performance.

 Artists of all media – from drawing to performance, to sound installation – will participate in the show, either by creating a new site-specific work designed especially for the space (as an either temporary or permanent installation), or contributing another previously created work that somehow speaks to the MyHouse space and the idea of life as art and living space as art space.  Participants include: Rob Andrews, Leah Aron & Tymon Mattoszko, Jason Robert Bell, Rodney Dickson, Peter Dobill, David Dostillio, Carl James Ferrero, Jessica Grable, Erik Hokanson, Iwalani Kaluhiokalani, Luisa Kazanas, Marni Kotak, Jill McDermid, Michelle Morby, Joe Nanashe, NON GRATA GROUP, Sarah Paulson, Melissa Skluzacek. Tescia Seufferlein, Kathleen Vance. 

Some of the works will include a performance invoking the spirits within the circa 1900 home, paper-made food products installed on the kitchen shelves, sound installations of singing in the shower or getting raped in the closet, site-specific drawings on the walls or other fixtures in the space , hand-crafted perfume bottles for the bathroom shelves, an erotic interactive installation in the basement, a site-specific intervention in the raw landscape of the backyard, and more…

Background on Marni Kotak and MyHouse Art Space

MyHouse is the next iteration in Marni Kotak’s ongoing body of work whereby she proclaims that her entire life is art. Through MyHouse, Kotak’s daily activities of eating, bathing, making love, sleeping, arguing, making art, completing home improvements, etc., are all considered ‘performances.’ And all of the objects in her home from the foods to the drawings on the sheetrock walls, to the missing tiles in the bathroom, to the rickety bed that keeps breaking during sex, even her own body are deemed valuable works of art. In January 2011, she will have a solo exhibition and publish an accompanying book,“I have to get on with my life: Marni Kotak’s Incidental and Found Performances from Birth To Present” which presents her entire life from birth to present as an on-going series of performances.  For more information, visit