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© Courtesy of the artist & ISCP -- International Studio & Curatorial Program
November 2nd, 2010 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

(718) 387-2900
Tue-Fri 12-6


Tania Candiani lives and works in Mexico City and Tijuana, and will present aselection of her recent works related to text, memory andsocial-practice research. Candiani has been developing urban interventions projects where textiles, texts and actions, along with the experiences of the people with whom she works become the detonators ofthe artwork.

At the moment, she is working on a site-specific project entitled Classic Six/ Apartment Buildings, a multi-disciplinary body of work based on buildings that were emblematic during a particular historical moment in New York City, marking a change in housing tastes and trends by the wealthy. Using architectural plans as a point of departure, Candiani investigates thesculptural elements of architecture, image making, invention, andmemory. Accompanying the talk, Candiani will present a video and a one-daywall installation entitled Ruta Crítica.

Tania Candiani´s Salon is supported by FONCA (Fondo Nacional para laCultura y las Artes).

Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark and will present a new work: Untitled (I am posting a letter by throwing it out of the window...), a wallpainting made with chalk and paint in his studio. Schmidt-Rasmussen has been working on the piece during his time at the ISCP, following a theme from his most recent exhibition Daywalker Let go at Overgaden Gallery, Copenhagen. In the exhibition, Schmidt-Rasmussen presented a series of new paintings installed upon black walls, on which small texts were written. A diary written by a vampire, who is the artist himself, was also a part of the exhibition. Schmidt-Rasmussen presented stories from his own neighbourhood in Copenhagen, which represents a classic terrain vague, as well as the rest of Copenhagen and Denmark. Schmidt-Rasmussen's paintings communicate atmospheres in which the everyday and the trivial are illuminated by the poetic presence of color and glitter, but also by a melancholic darkness.