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P.O. Box 44
Wickatunk, New Jersey 07765
October 23rd, 2010 - November 14th, 2010
Opening: October 23rd, 2010 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM

6-11 PM
asbury park mixed-media, New Jersey, museum, jersey shore, new, opening photography digital, installation, graffiti/street-art, video-art, conceptual, figurative, modern, traditional, sculpture
$25 to $150


New Jersey Museum of Contemporary Art | P.O. Box 44, Wickatunk, NJ 077651Press Contact:Shayna McClellandNJ MoCApress@njmoca.orgFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASETHE NEW JERSEY MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ARTINAUGURAL EXHIBITION: IT'S ALL AMERICANThe New Jersey Museum of Contemporary Art launches its programming with abenefit gala and preview of its inaugural exhibition, “It's All American”, curated byAlex Gartenfeld and Haley MellinBenefit Gala & Exhibition Preview: Saturday | October 23, 2010 | 7 PM – Midnightfor gala tickets, visit www.njmoca.orgParamount Theatre and Convention Hall Mezzanine1300 Ocean AvenueAsbury Park, New Jersey 07712Exhibition runs from October 24 – November 18, 2010ASBURY PARK, NJ—The New Jersey Museum of Contemporary Art (NJ MoCA) willlaunch its programming on October 23, 2010 with a benefit gala and preview of theinaugural exhibition, “It’s All American”, at the historic Paramount Theatre andConvention Hall Mezzanine in Asbury Park, New Jersey. This will celebrate NJ MoCA'sentrance onto the cultural world stage and establish New Jersey's first museum ofcontemporary art. “It’s All American” brings together 37 local and international artistswhose practices explore the artistic and folk traditions that characterize Americana,curated Alex Gartenfeld and Haley Mellin. The exhibition will be on view from October24 – November 18, 2010, featuring artists:Peter Coffin, Rob Pruitt, Jessica Houston, Monica Bonvicini, Davis Rhodes, PollyApfelbaum, Martin Creed, Matt Sheridan Smith, Robert Melee, Grayson Revoir, JohnGiorno, Mathew Cerletty, David Adamo, Jeremy Deller, James Fils-Aime, RyanKitson, Martin Soto Climent, Philippe Decrauzat, Uri Aran, Josephine Meckseper,Jason Loebs, Les Rogers, Joe Bradley, New Jerseyy, Daniel Turner, Sterling Ruby,Ryan McGinley, Rita Ackermann, Keltie Ferris, Francesca DiMatteo, BrendanFowler, Michael St. John, Michele Abeles, Aurel Schmidt, Heather Rowe, Zak Prekopand Van Hanos.The artists in “It's All American” use various strategies and media to address the promiseof progress and prestige offered by the "Made in America" brand and the designation as"all-American." This inaugural exhibition is supported by its location in New Jersey, amedia-saturated state characterized by its economic, social, and ritual co-dependencyNew Jersey Museum of Contemporary Art | P.O. Box 44, Wickatunk, NJ 077652with urban centers. The exhibition reflects an evolving approach to Americana and whatit means to be American. The work tests sentiments of endurance, optimism andreconstruction, depth, individual perspective and wisdom; the maturation of Americafigures largely into this show as the artists here engage the ability of the activity of art torespond to recent political and economic events. Fittingly, this New Jersey-basedexhibition takes place in the state that informed Philip Roth's 1997 novel, AmericanPastoral, about a crisis of individual experience brought to bear by larger contemporaryevents. Many of the artists here engage handmade monumentality and series in order tounpack the resilience of these strategies amidst a confusion and saturation of images.The show exhibits a maturation of America and its construction of contemporaryperspectives.Many of the works specifically re-use American iconography. Rob Pruitt’s series ofdenim sculptures, filled with construction material and installed in hammyanthropomorphic configurations, find a new context in Asbury Park, the home to BruceSpringsteen. Artists like Grayson Revoir and Jessica Houston remobilize the signaturesof urban, suburban, and ex-urban living, remaking and revitalizing them in order todesperately update. Peter Coffin’s series of silhouette sculptures flatten canonical worksof sculpture to fold many modes of storytelling into a seemingly two-dimensionalstructure. Ryan McGinley’s ebullient imagery is a documentary-style record ofcontemporary life and lifestyle, open to personal re-interpretation. Artists like MonicaBonvicini and Martin Creed draw critically from the fascination and speed with whichdreams are made and changed in the contemporary context; Michael St. John installsthese images, in all their infamy, to create honest and often confrontational hubs.About the curatorsAlex Gartenfeld is co-curator of the inaugural exhibition at NJ MoCA. He is OnlineEditor for Art in America and Interview Magazines. He has written in catalogue essaysabout Joseph Beuys and Chris Burden, among others. He keeps columns aboutcontemporary art in the New York Observer and Fantom, and runs an independent spacecalled West Street Gallery.Haley Mellin is co-curator of the inaugural exhibition at NJ MoCA. She is an artistliving and working in New York. Her recent exhibitions include the Palais de Tokyo,Paris; RENTAL GALLERY, New York; Berkeley Art Museum; Yale University,Connecticut; and Sculpture Center, New York, among others. A graduate of the WhitneyISP, Mellin is completing a Doctorate in Visual Culture and Education.About NJ MOCAThe New Jersey Museum of Contemporary Art (NJ MoCA), a 501(c)(3) organization, isthe first dedicated to exhibiting international and emerging artists in the state of NewJersey. As a non-collecting kunsthalle-style institution, NJ MoCA’s mission is tofacilitate the artist as the centre-point in community building and economic development,cultivating unique platforms for artists who are producing the most inspiring and thoughtprovokingart of our time. NJ MoCA seeks to unite these mutually reinforcing aspects inthe advancement of the arts to transform the state of New Jersey into a vibrant culturalanchor for contemporary art.New Jersey Museum of Contemporary Art | P.O. Box 44, Wickatunk, NJ 077653NJ MoCA’s programming utilizes a range of spaces across the state of New Jersey –from billboards and empty storefronts, to abandoned warehouses and corporatestructures. NJ MoCA activates a vital sense of participation while supporting artists andcurators in realizing projects beyond the capacity of its yet to be realized museum walls.In doing so, it engages the surrounding host community to develop curatorial projects andeducational programming, creating an exciting new dialogue.With “It’s All American”, NJ MoCA will commence the museum’s programming. Thisinaugural exhibition will take place in Asbury Park’s 16,000-square-foot historicParamount Theatre and Convention Hall Mezzanine. Built at the tail end of theDepression by Warren and Wetmore, the architects of Grand Central Station, the buildingis an index of the state and region’s synthesis of historical influences, and continuoustransformations.For more information about the museum, please visit or contact us 908-818-8288.BENEFIT GALA INFORMATIONNJ MoCA Benefit Gala and Inaugural Exhibition PreviewFor more details and to purchase tickets or make a donation, visit www.njmoca.orgPress & VIP Reception | 7-8 PM | Invitation OnlyBenefit Gala & Exhibition Preview | 8-10 PM | $150After party | 10-12 PM | $50 ($25 for students)The New Jersey Museum of Contemporary Art (NJ MoCA) will launch its programmingon October 23, 2010 with a benefit gala and preview of the inaugural exhibition, “It’s AllAmerican”, at the historic Paramount Theatre and Convention Hall Mezzanine in AsburyPark, New Jersey. This will celebrate NJ MoCA's entrance onto the cultural world stageand establish New Jersey's first museum of contemporary art.“It’s All American”, curated by Haley Mellin and Alex Gartenfeld, will feature over 30local and international artists from around the world, including New Jersey artists whoare making significant contributions to the art world. In close to 12,000 sq ft of space,this will be the largest exhibition of contemporary art ever presented in New Jersey.Paramount Theatre and Convention Hall Mezzanine1300 Ocean AvenueAsbury Park, New Jersey 07712It’s All American is on view October 24–November 18, 2010Sunday – Thursday | 12 – 6 PM