Coming Back: New Orleans Resurgent Booksigning

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Coming Back: New Orleans Resurgent Booksigning

October 8th, 2010 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Artist talk
Tue-Sun 10-6
New Orleans, humanitarian, katrina, hurricane photography

Coming Back: New Orleans Resurgent
Getty Images photographer Mario Tama
Book Signing: Friday, October 8th, 6-7.30 pm
International Center of Photography, 43rd Street at the Avenue of the Americas
Of the vast amount of media coverage regarding Hurricane Katrina that shocked the nation and caused a moral outcry of conscience at governmental mismanagement and near-criminal inaction, the images by photographer Mario Tama were simply among the best. Remarkably, when the initial catastrophe waned and other press went away, Tama stayed with the support and encouragement of his colleagues at Getty Images and continued to document the process of recovery (and some of its terrible failures). His constancy has resulted in a large and moving body of work that displays the resilience of the human spirit even amid such immense struggle, creating an optimistic portrait of New Orleans rather than one of only destruction. He is, in short, a man of great visual gifts, also gifted with a generous and open heart. With a journalist’s determination, an artist’s eye, and a humanitarian’s heart, Tama eloquently captures on film the essence of disaster alongside the desire for hope and change.
The book version of Coming Back: New Orleans Resurgent has a moving introductory essay by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. 100% of Getty Images' royalties from the book will benefit New Schools for New Orleans, a nonprofit organization at the heart of a remarkably successful effort to overhaul public education in the recovering city.

Some comments on Coming Back:
"While the book contains images from the immediate aftermath of the storm, its main focus is on the spirit and resilience of the residents. Images of joy, passion and the essence of New Orleans shine through." -NPR
"In a series of moving portraits, photographer Mario Tama has documented the tragedy, reconstruction, and resurgent optimism of New Orleans in the five years since Hurricane Katrina." -The Daily Beast
"Katrina has absolutely left its mark on me. The people, the resilience of this city has been something that's been incredibly inspirational to me. I've seen people with absolutely nothing and people with their homes wiped away, and they just were so incredibly determined to come back to their home, to come back to their roots." -Mario Tama, interviewed on PBS Newshour.
More coverage can be found at:
And in the issue of TIME Magazine dated September 6, 2010.
About the Artist:
As a news photographer for Getty Images, Mario Tama has captured powerful imagery from the
most current and vital events happening in the world around us, including the earthquake in Haiti, the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, September 11th and the funeral of Pope John Paul II. His unforgettable photographs from Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath, which were featured in National Geographic, Newsweek, various newspapers and other media around the world, earned him the prestigious Cliff Edom’s New America Award at the NPPA Best of Photojournalism Awards. Tama has received numerous honors and accolades, including: Pictures of the Year International, White House News Photographers Association, NPPA’s Best of Photojournalism, UNICEF Photo of the Year, Care International Award for Humanitarian Reportage, China International Press Photo Contest, and Days Japan International Photojournalism Awards. Tama was nominated for an Emmy for his documentary work on Coney Island, and his work on Baghdad’s orphans was exhibited at Visa Pour L’Image in Perpignan. He studied photography at Rochester Institute of Technology and freelanced in Washington, DC for the Washington Post and Agence France-Presse before joining Getty Images in 2001.
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