GATEWAY: An Artistic Response to the Immigration Crisis - CLOSING RECEPTION & ARTISTS DIALOGUE!!

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GATEWAY: An Artistic Response to the Immigration Crisis - CLOSING RECEPTION & ARTISTS DIALOGUE!!

895 Shore Road
Bronx, NY 10464
September 30th, 2010 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, 12-4 p.m.


Gateway: An Artistic Response to the Immigration Crisis
September 5 – September 30, 2010

Harlem Gateway II Loft Building, 2082 Lexington Avenue at 126th Street, Floors 1 & 2, New York

(4/5 Express to 125th Street & walk 1 block north, or 2/3 to 125th Street & walk 4 blocks east & 1 block north)

Closing Reception & Artists Dialogue!

Thursday, September 30th, 5:30-7:30pm

followed by screening of The Other Side of Immigration at 7:30pm

Gateway: An Artistic Response to Immigration presented by Art for Change, is a group art exhibition featuring all new artworks made specifically for the exhibition in a huge loft space by artists Esperanza Cortes, Aissa H. Deebi, Roberto De Jesus, Laura F. Gibellini, Marissa A. Gutiérrez-Vicario, Alejandro Endoke Makuendo Guzman, Gabriel Pacheco, Tara Parsons, Michael Pribich, Elisa Pritzker, Gabriel Reese, Nancy Saleme, Michael Sherman, and Christina Stahr. The exhibition explores various themes related to immigration such as: the effects on children of immigrants who are the next generation of our country; the growing structural inequality of the world economy and its relation to migration both into and out of countries; the correlations between historical immigration patterns and racism towards ethnic minorities; the existence of “cultures of exile” among worldwide immigrant communities; the varying objectives and strategies of advocacy for immigration reform; and notions of the “other” fueled by immigration debates including the mixed positive and negative roles played by politicians, activist groups, and privatized media. The exhibition also seeks to explore the dichotomy of how immigration has the power to simultaneously enrich and divide a country by examining the positive impact of migrating populations upon a recipient’s national culture as well as the negative by-products of inequality, segregation, and racism. What would be the structure of an immigration system democratic for all sides; and how could we bridge the gap between a utopian ideal and the politics of reform? By engaging artists as a voice for social justice, the exhibition hopes to engage individuals, families, local communities, greater society, and government in working together towards fair and ethical immigration reform.

“While New York City, East Harlem in particular, offers one of the most diverse populations in the U.S., immigrants here still suffer from a stalled and dysfunctional immigration system rife with injustice and inefficiency. With little action being taken in Washington and an ever-alarming escalation of anti-immigrant sentiment, Art for Change has launched an immigration campaign to increase awareness of the plight of immigrants while redirecting the current rhetoric of criminalization.” – Eliana Godoy, Founder, Art for Change

Art for Change is a non-profit (501c3) organization that provides a forum for creating innovative art and media programs that inspire people to take an active role in social justice. For more information on the exhibition or artists, please contact Alyssa Fridgen at 347-804-8336 or For more information on Art for Change, please visit: