Dialogue of Silence

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Dialogue of Silence

547West 27th Street 3rd Floor #307
NY, NY 10001
August 19th, 2010 - September 1st, 2010

tue-sat 11am-6pm


Chelsea West Gallery is pleased to announce Lacey Kim's solo exhibition, Dialogue of Silence.

      Lacey Kim’s work expressed through lines. It distances itself from the actual world. It expresses what does not exist in a clear form, and presents a balanced conflict. Through lines in free motion, she hopes to embody the world of unconsciousness, to convey the feeling of movement generated by laying one line on another, and to share with viewers what she has felt in the process of her work. As beings have feelings, we all want to express every complex emotion. She tries to show the harmony of opposites of consciousness and unconsciousness through her paintings. Expression of opposites can be shown as freely moving lines, in which she follows the unconsciousness within her through a properly controlled form. This includes her conception of composition, regarded as an ideal by her consciousness.

      She has a belief in abstraction, through which invisible things can be revealed. Subtle changes in paintings enable viewers to reach almost to the level of spiritual meditation. Layers in her painting, made by repetition of the paint application process over original lines, and then redrawn lines, plot the territory of her unconscious. She wishes to explain through these layers the freedom floating through the unconscious. Images create new potential through lines and colors, which are allowed to meet freely and create unexpected forms. Ideally, she would like to show the connection of the unconscious, expressed through lines, and the conscious, led by ideal thinking. She believes in a logic of the painted image shown on the screen of canvas as applied to a logic of apriori conception. Since she follows her unconsciousness through intuitive gestures, the result is abstract.