James Rose Solo Art Show in Greenwich Village

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James Rose Solo Art Show in Greenwich Village
Curated by: John C. Kuchera

131 Christopher St.
NYC, NY 10014
August 10th, 2010 - September 6th, 2010
Opening: August 17th, 2010 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

greenwich/west village
New York, New York Institute, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn
New York painting
Free to view some drink tickets, cash bar and great food


John C. Kuchera director of the American Art Gallery is happy to announce the solo show of JAMES FREDERIC ROSE August 10 to September 6th 2010. Please help welcome James to New York.

Opening Reception Tuesday Aug 17 6-8pm

About James:

My art reflects the transpiration of my surroundings. I am a social individual often instigating collaboration in large artistic events. These experiences put me in touch with the mass population and can be seen directly in my work. I paint individuals and crowds set in an urban environment (currently New York and in the past San Francisco and Boston).
The combination of sublime and familiar is the paradox of my work, creating a tension but also giving the viewer a relational experience. I use repetitive imagery such as large crowds or buildings with hundreds of windows. The idea of the swarm or large numbers often can give an overwhelming feeling but ultimately hypnotizing, creating a sublime transcendence through the familiar.
All of my work plays on the idea of the individual in relation to environment, ranging from the manmade to the natural. The escapism of nightlife is something I portray in my paintings. There is an online phenomenon of the people going to social gatherings and documenting them in snap shots and then sharing them on the web. I picked up on this, incorporating nightlife in my imagery. The natural parks, subways and city buildings all are the environment surrounding the individual. The ideology of my paintings, is postmodern, specifically focusing on multiculturalism, feminism and identity occurring in the interactive space of a city. Much of these issues occur in microcosms on the subway. I am fascinated by this and document them in my paintings.
My subway series also brings in the element of time, exploring movement and travel in seconds and minutes with my sketch pad and charcoal while riding the subway. I capture a moment while someone is in transition from one place to another, with only a few minutes before the situation completely changes. It is how the individual comes to terms with environment through transition in time. The daily commute becomes something else, transforming the repetitive familiar into something transformative. The sketches, photos and hired models I use are my departure point. I convert this information with my individual color pallette, light and composition.