Art Constructions - Celebrating Art and Architecture

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Untitled , 2003 Acrylic And Oil On Canvas 5ft Diameter © Demetrius Manouselis
Art Constructions - Celebrating Art and Architecture
Curated by: Charlotte Mouquin

338 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11201
August 6th, 2010 - September 19th, 2010
Opening: August 11th, 2010 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

718 625-2121
Wed - Sun 12 noon - 6pm; Closed Mon and Tues
architecture mixed-media, conceptual


Art Constructions

Opening Reception – Wednesday, August 11th 6-8pm

August 6th – September 19th 2010


Clover’s Fine Art Gallery is proud to present the work of five artists coming form an architectural discourse using the repetition of form, structure and geometry to build playful art constructions. The opening reception will be held Wednesday, August 11th 6-8pm and the exhibition will be on view until Sunday September 19th.

Herbert Glenn Bennett from Trinidad is a registered architect based in New York. He is a fine artist, industrial designer, writer and poet. On view at Clover’s Fine Art Gallery is a combination of his two dimensional and three dimensional structures. Inspired by geometric forms created by three interlocking circles, Bennett creates new shapes used in sculpture, woodblock printmaking and painterly abstraction.  His found object sculptures relay his interest in discarded materials and their reconstruction into vertical humanoids.

Giuliana Bona an architect and interior designer divides her time between Milan and New York. Her geometric acrylic paintings reflect industrial cityscapes juxtaposed with fanciful color. Her paintings become autonomous objects as every angle is considered. The repetition of rectangles and dots mirror life pathways like linked train cars and building blocks. Each painting reflects the vitality of living in a diverse metropolitan environment.

Demetrius Manouselis born in Crete is a registered architect living in New York. He has been exhibiting his fine art for over twenty years and has recently exhibited at the Kouros Gallery and Tenri Cultural Center on the Upper East Side. His Paintings are rhythmic conversations between layers of paint punctuated by geometric shape and bold lines. His large paintings depict the evolution of his visual vocabulary. Manouselis’ painted wood panels emulate playful puzzle pieces welcoming you to Art Constructions.

Ian Schwartz a native of Brooklyn recently participated in the Cambridge River festival in Boston and the Art Festival, Figment, which took place both in Boston, and on Governors Island in New York. His three-piece paper-cut landscapes are made using hand cut stencils and found objects. The three horizontal panels stacked vertically can rotate into a variety of compositions. Schwartz adds movement to hard-edged industrial landscape, and softness to areas of flat color.

Sophia Vincent studied architecture in Montreal and currently lives in Brooklyn. Vincent holds a human interest in imperfect construction. Her square wood panels explore softened primary colors through mixed media. The hand touch of process is evident in Vincent’s painting seen through surface, texture and color.


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