LUSH LIFE 3. First Bird (A Few Butterflies)

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© Courtesy of Invisible-Exports
LUSH LIFE 3. First Bird (A Few Butterflies)

89 Eldridge Stret
New York, NY 10002
July 7th, 2010 - August 6th, 2010

east village/lower east side
212 226 5447
Wed-Sun 11-6 or by appointment


LUSH LIFE is an exhibition which takes place at nine Lower East Side (LES) galleries: Collette
Blanchard Gallery, Eleven Rivington, Invisible-Exports, Lehmann Maupin, On Stellar Rays, Salon
94, Scaramouche, Sue Scott Gallery, and Y Gallery. LUSH LIFE adopts Richard Price’s 2008
novel to title and organize the exhibition. The novel is set in the contemporary LES and
through a murder investigation exposes the dynamically changing community of the
neighborhood, which despite its evolution retains a ghostly and vital link to its layered past.
The deep and varied history of the LES now includes the LES galleries as new community
members, and Price’s novel provides a potent vehicle for the consideration of community as
voices compete for, ignore and occasionally share the same physical and conceptual space.
The galleries will host concurrent exhibitions with each exhibition reflecting the idea of one of
the nine chapters in the book. The curators selected one artist from each gallery to participate
in the exhibition and solicited from each of them one additional artist recommendation of an
artist not from one of the nine participating galleries (nine total recommendations). The
curators then supplemented this base group of eighteen artists to complete nine exhibitions,
ranging in size from three to twelve artists. LUSH LIFE will be the present for what will become
a living ghost to the future form into which the LES will inevitably morph.