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Pille #3, 2010 Mixed Media © Courtesy of artist
Curated by: Ichiro Irie

11851 La Grange Ave.
90025 Los Angeles

May 14th, 2010 - June 27th, 2010
Opening: May 14th, 2010 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Other (outside areas listed)
Saturdays noon to 4pm during exhibitions
photography, mixed-media, installation, conceptual, sculpture


FU-BAR: F****d Up Beyond All Recognition

JAUS is very pleased to announce the group exhibition NICE & FUBAR featuring works by artists Cacahuates Japoneses, Susanne Melanie Berry, Martin Durazo, Joaquin Segura, Christopher Tallon and Sarah Theden with works ranging from video, installation, sculpture, and photography.

The idea for the current exhibition came from my own desire to see works that deal with themes of transgression and cynicism in the context of a group show. The exhibition unites works that take on both abstract and literal approaches in the reflection of the more tragic and negative aspects of present day social realities without judgment or didacticism.

In contemplating what purpose an artist run space serves; not only in opposition to commercial galleries and museums, but also in contrast to more institutional spaces and non-profits; it is my belief that the primordial function is to provide a venue and forum for the artist and his/her friends to showcase their work and generate dialogue.

The other, perhaps more important, purpose of an artist run space is to serve as a laboratory of sorts that allow artists, even more established ones, to explore new ideas which would not necessarily be possible in a commercial gallery, museum or institutional space. I am a great admirer of the current trend towards collaboration, social responsibility, and sustainability in recent artistic practice, but I also am a firm believer that visual art is, perhaps, the last bastion for incurably individualistic, at times self destructive, non-team players. It is the career choice where people like us can do the least amount of damage to ourselves, the environment, and those around us. An artist run space is a place where artists can make work which might be “f****d up beyond all recognition” directed at a limited and marginal audience without the pervasive and unmanageable repercussions that other channels of distribution such as film, television, internet and print media have. At its best, an artist run space allows artists like me and some of my colleagues to take risks, even unwarranted ones, explore yet to be validated ideas, and still get away with it.

NICE and FUBAR is declaration and plea towards all socially responsible artists and curators, “We love what you’re doing! Keep up the good work. Now can you please leave a little room for us?”


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