l.i.e.v.e.n.d.e.b.o.e.c.k. autoportrait contre nature

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l.i.e.v.e.n.d.e.b.o.e.c.k. autoportrait contre nature

29 Orchard St.
New York, NY 10002
April 4th, 2010 - May 9th, 2010

east village/lower east side
Wednesday through Saturday 11am - 6pm, Sunday 12pm-6pm


Installed in two galleries simultaneously, with several Lower East Side blocks in between, Lieven De Boeck's autoportrait contre nature is at once fragmented.  The exhibition's bisected structure reflects the content of the work within, which is a meditation of sorts on the breakdown of familiar structures (character, history, territory, space) and a vague reconstitution through a re-presentation of the parts. The artist refers to this process as "creating typologies".  De Boeck releases particularities through systematic classification, leaving simply grouped generalities.  In separation, characteristics become homogenized and allow us to view the structure anew, almost from the beginning.  By exploiting the architecture of his chosen systems, the artist puts their integrity, as a whole, into question.  De Boeck's raw material is existing expression, in the form of found text, letters, symbols and artists' interpretations.  Copies of copies, recycled reference and reinterpretation are De Boeck's tools with which to blur the pedigree of authorship and replace it with absence. 

De Boeck's "White American Flag" (with cut-out stars) is a literal reference to this void.  By stripping away the ornament and showing us only the shadow of symbol, we see meaning in their withdrawal.  The works "lettre anonyme" and "l.e.t.t.r.e.s" are meant to reveal the public space between author, reader and audience.  Once revealed, this space is deftly negated by the artist.  We are allowed to penetrate our language construction, again, through removal.  De Boeck's eagles and boîte en valise reference, respectively, Marcel Broodthaers and Marcel Duchamp.  These second editions distance us from creative inception or interrupt its designation, at least.  With these works, the artist seems to be putting a fine point on his questioning.  Disrupting our systems and refilling our archives with blank pages, he taunts us to fill them back up, putting creation again on the table.  And maybe it is our activation as an audience that the artist seeks to constitute or maybe even reconstitute.  Are we building within De Boeck's empty spaces or is he building our interpretations from what he has razed?  You will have to put it together yourself on Saturday April 3 at LMAKprojects and then Sunday April 4 at Stephan Stoyanov Gallery.

Heather Bennett

April 3 - May 9, 2010
Saturday, April 3, 6-9 pm, LMAKprojects
Sunday, April 4, 1-4 pm, Stephan Stoyanov Gallery

Please contact either gallery for additional information or visuals.

LMAKprojects                                                                Stephan Stoyanov Gallery (formerly LUXE)
139 Eldridge Street                                                        29 Orchard Street
NY, NY 10002                                                                NY, NY 10002
212 255 9707                                                                 212 343 4240