K8 Hardy has been organizing performances (Beautiful Radiati ng Energy\, 2004\, New
Report (with Wynne Greenwood)\, 2006\, Bare Lif e (with Stefan Tcherepnin)\, 2008)\,
circulating publications (fashion fashion\, LTTR)\, and rethinking this gallery and its uses
(WOM_NHOUSE \, 2004) from the start. Reena Spaulings now presents To All the G#%$!
I’ve Loved Before\, Hardy’s first solo exhibition in New York.
A new series of photographic self-portraits displays the artist as a rampant mult iplicity of
identities\, as an ongoing series of posed or proposed sel ves. Playing on the codes of both
queer and hetero-normative cultures\ , Hardy tests and wastes them all as she feeds her
pose machine with o ther looks and meanings. Sometimes using her sister Halie as a
stand-i n self\, Hardy displaces subjectivity across a sequence of gay cruising cli chés and
camp possibilities\, refusing to settle into any final or agr eed upon condition. She
sometimes adds layers of artifice in the darkr oom\, throwing a bra or a middle finger
under the enlarger before expo sing the print. These photograms both embellish and blank
out her imag e.
In the center of the gallery\, Hardy has installed a “stage”. We ar e not sure if or how it
will be used. A wooden “trough” has been stock ed with an earlier (2008) series of selfportraits.
The artist populate s the exhibition with styled and altered mannequin heads\,
ideal viewe rs of the Hardy image.
Known for her activism within the new feminist\ , gay and transgender movements\, Hardy
brings a punk sensibility to t hese causes and contexts. In politics as in art\, the enemies are
self -righteousness\, conformism\, comfort\, complacency and barren professional ism.
Subjectivities want to explode\, and Hardy is our model monster. The self-portrait is an
opportunity for chaos\, a chance at the self-d estroying commodity. Hardy’s work
sometimes recalls Cindy Sherman’s “f ilm stills\,” but there is nothing still here\, always
trans...a feeli ng closer to Leigh Bowery. Susan Sontag\, Judith Butler\, bla bla bla
K8 Hardy hails from Texas. She studied at the Whitney Independent Study Pro gram and
in the Bard College M.F.A. program. She is co-editor (with Gi nger Brooks Takahashi\,
Ulrike Müller and Emily Roysdon) of LTTR. Work s in collaboration with Wynne
Greenwood are currently on view at the E lizabeth Sackler Center for Feminist Art. She
has also exhibited at th e Tate Modern.

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