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the qi peng dynasty (we are duchampions)
TUESDAY 23 JUNE 2009 . 6- 9PM and maybe earlier

qi peng

In qi peng’s ironi c yet poignant show at a certain Lower East Side gallery lasting in less ti me than a single workday of Jack Bauer within a season of the TV show “24\, ” envoy enterprises is proud to present a fresh piece of conceptual art ent itled “the qi peng dynasty (we are duchampions)” to the public. This comple x installation art features a hybrid fusion between traditional works on pa per and painting and cutting-edge new media art\, particularly based on the idea of autobiography loosely based on James Joyce’s novel “A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man” smashed with Facebook and Xerox.

peng combines selected “interview portraits\,” which he has published through w as an online art project\, between art professionals which he has met in real life or Facebook or Twitter or other social networking w ebsites into a larger installation project. By delivering a cross section o f the international art world\, focusing on New York City and Los Angeles m ostly with a small dose of his current hometown of Salt Lake City\, the art ist attempts to democratize how the public perceives any particular individ ual within this complex web of artists\, art dealers\, museum curators\, ar t workers\, and slaves who comprise this whole system of people who put tog ether contemporary art for the audience. By displaying offset prints of the se portraits like a digital version of August Sander photographs\, peng att empts to humanize the art world as an antithesis to the glossy art market a nd blue chip players portrayed by the magazines.

This installati on piece will present secondary documents that will reflect on how the arti st’s first solo show in New York City became extant at envoy enterprises. M ixing together proposals\, acceptance and rejection letters\, critiques\, a s well some surprising documents that feature a Chelsea gallery\, and a pai nting that is based on a prominent Brooklyn artist with overtones of the id ea of “WWPD\,” this work becomes a brave exploration of the politics of how exhibitions are created and galleries are curated. Also this is a fairly d ispassionate view of the artist’s subjective journey from a virtually unkno wn artist as a displaced New Yorker located in Utah into a slowly emerging artist as a small player within the international art world. He also highli ghts the challenges of an atypical Utah conceptual artist attaining both “c ritical affirmation” and “artistic defiance” with and against the somewhat insular New York contemporary art world reframed as the Garden of Eden.

There will be a surprise ending to the whole installation and a pos sible inclusion of the following events: an artist book signing at a table\ , an unexpected appearance of the Zero Dollar project by Laura Gilbert\, a performance duel between Rick Herron and the artist himself\, and guest app earances by famed bootlegger Eric Doeringer and collaborating artists Willi am Powhida and Jennifer Dalton. The audience may be able to say hello to th e following celebrities: James Kalm\, Jerry Saltz\, or James Wagner. 10% of the complete installation’s sale will be donated to a non-profit organizat ion helping out the victims of the Madoff investment scandal.

“t he qi peng dynasty (we are duchampions)” is the Salt Lake City artist’s fir st attempt at a solo show anywhere in his homebase of New York City. He nee ds all the luck that he can get from a broken leg.

qi peng was b orn in 1976 in Queens\, New York City. He lives and works mostly in Salt La ke City and sometimes in New York. His work has been exhibited at The Lab a t Belmar\, Anna Kustera\, James Cohen/NURTUREART\, Metro Pictures/Visual AI DS\, modern8 gallery\, and Projects Gallery. Currently he is represented by The Barbara Ann Levy Gallery in West Palm Beach\, Florida. /

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