Acquavella Galleries is pleased to announce Sol d\, an exhib ition of new work by American artist Damian Loeb\, from February 28 &ndash\ ; April 11\, 2014. As the artist&rsquo\;s first landscape exhibition\, the show will feature twelve paintings depicting Earth and its celestial enviro ns. Re-imagined from photographs taken over the past decade by the artist\, these paintings intimately and obsessively show galaxies\, stars\, planets \, our moon\, and atmosphere. Scale\, astronomical exploration\, the experi ence of wonder and discovery offered by an alternate perspective\, and acce pting the vastness of our surroundings are amongst the inspiration behind t his body of work.

The show's title is taken from a scientific and literary naming convention for newly discovered planets. "Sol" specifie s our star\, and\, beginning with the letter b for Mercury\, each orbiting body is represented by a subsequent letter. As the third planet from the su n\, Earth is referred to as "Sol d."

This is Loeb's third sol o show at Acquavella in his ongoing pursuit to expand the dialogue of repre sentational painting in the age of digital photography and the Internet. Lo eb's new work reflects a fascination in\, and the translations between\, tw o worlds - the analog and the digital\, classical painting techniques again st a consuming obsession with new media and technology. After years of capt uring\, condensing\, and 'correcting' images in his huge digital archive\, the artist then meticulously makes his paintings by hand\, recreating the m emories and emotions of the instigating moments. Completely immersed in the subject\, he works on only one individual painting until its completion\, sometimes dedicating months to a work.

The twelve new painting s in this exhibition present an almost un-romantic yet highly sympathetic r epresentation of familiar environments and our surroundings in space. Seemi ngly imagined as the diligent captures of an experienced astronaut\, the ar tist examines the imposed persistence of a 'human' scale\, exploring\, thro ugh size and composition\, a distinct and comforting logic in the relations hips between the primal elements. Grand and graphic\, these paintings celeb rate the play between the micro and macro forms within each individual land scape.

Describing the series\, the artist explains: &ldquo\;Ea ch of the works' aim is to portrays a certain balance and serenity in the e xposed relationships. Individually their effect eschews the sublime\, captu ring instead the vast and accidental\, yet scientifically determined beauty of nature. Each image is a castaway's postcard and phrases from a love son g to a new found home.&rdquo\;

Damian Loeb (b. 1970) has had s olo exhibitions at galleries and museums worldwide\, including a 2006 Aldri ch Museum of Contemporary Art retrospective of his work. He lives and works in New York City.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a ful ly illustrated catalogue.

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