Regina Silveira (b.1939) was born in Porto Alegre\, Brazil a nd is currently based in São Paulo. In the 1950s she began her artistic tra ining under the tutelage of expressionist Brazilian painter Iberê Camargo\, studying lithography and woodcut\, as well as painting. Renowned for her p arodic explorations of space through geometric constructs\, Silveiraʼs work is celebrated for both its conceptual rigor and formal impact.

During the 1970s she experimented with printmaking and video\, engaging w ith the dynamic developments of the Brazilian art world at the time. For mo re than thirty years\, Silveira has been investigating the ways in which re ality is represented\, and the ways the meaning of visual imagery is decons tructed and understood. She has used various methods of perspectival projec tion\, including skiagraphia (the study of shadows). Silveira is particular ly interested in the paradoxical relationship between presence and absence\ , a notion that she has investigated by incorporating tracks and foot impri nts into her visual vocabulary. For Silveira\, printmaking has always been a field open to graphic experimentation\, much more expansive and flexible than painting. Her practice\, informed by printing techniques\, has taken t he form of videos\, sculptures\, and spacial interventions of architectural proportions.

Silveira’s artwork was the subject of a retrospective at the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil\; in 2009\, the Koge Museum of Art in Publ ic Spaces\, Denmark\, presented a retrospective of Silveira’s public projec ts. The artist has exhibited throughout Europe and the Americas\, including solo exhibitions at the Museo de Antioquia\, Medelin\, Colombia (2008)\; C entro Cultural do Banco Brasil\, Brasilia (2007)\; Pacific Northwest Colleg e of Art\, Portland\, OR (2007)\; Museo de Arte del Banco de la Republica\, Bogota\, Colombia (2007)\; Museu de Arte da Pampulha\, Belo Horizonte\, Br azil (2007)\; Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia\, Madrid\, Spain (2 005)\; Art Museum of the Americas\, Washington\, DC (2000)\; Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires\, Argentina (1998)\; Museum of Contemporary Art\, S an Diego\, CA (1996)\; Bass Museum\, Miami\, FL (1992)\; Queens Museum of A rt\, New York (1992). Her work is represented in public and private collect ions internationally.

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